Daniel Craig says it was a very scary decision to accept the James Bond role

James Bond star Daniel Craig reveals how his decision to accept the iconic role was “scary” and explains how close he was to rejecting it.

Longtime James Bond actor Daniel Craig admits the decision to accept the iconic role was daunting. Craig was first introduced as Ian Fleming’s martini-swigging spy in 2006’s Casino Royale before appearing in four more films. His fifth outing as the character last year No time to die turned out to be Craig’s last farewell to Bond, which in turn left the cast open for a new bid for the legendary secret agent.

After playing the character for 15 years, Craig is currently the longest-running James Bond actor, if not quite the most productive. But his tenure has also quite famously had its fair share of ups and downs. While his second film Quantum of Solace proved to be an overwhelming follow-up for many, the critical and financial hit Ascension has often been cited as the best Bond film ever. And though Craig’s devotion to playing Bond seemed in doubt around the time of Specterreleased, he has made it very clear that he was extremely pleased with the broadcast of his interpretation in No time to die.


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Now Craig breaks his silence about what it was like to be offered the role of the world’s most famous spy. Speaks in an interview regarding THR‘s Price talk Podcast, Craig discusses his early love of acting from a young age, as well as his pre-Bond career working in films such as Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, The road to perdition and Birthday cake. But when the inevitable topic of his casting for the rebound spy franchise pops up, Craig outlines his initial fear of taking on the role:

I knew it would turn around and that there would be no way back to who I was or what I was, either personally or professionally. And it was very, very, very scary. It felt like I was risking something – I did not know what it was, but I was risking something. But the decision I made was ultimately that if I did not, I would regret it. I had this joke with a friend [if I passed on the role then] in 20 or 30 years I would be sitting at a bar in a corner saying, “I could have been Bond, you know!” And that was not the person I wanted to be.


The actor further reveals how, when he was offered the role of producer Barbara Broccoli, insisted that he could not agree to anything until he got a script (which Craig admits was a ridiculous thing to do), as he would not be delivered with for another 6 months. At the time, Craig also had no idea what he could bring to the character that would be different, fearing he would just end up making an impression on former James Bond actors. It actually seems that he was not particularly interested in the role at first and felt that once he had read the script, it would be “an easy no.“But the strength of the script proved the opposite. He also reveals how his Munich director Steven Spielberg also convinced him to take on the role after Craig secretly gave him a copy of Casino Royale‘s script to read.

While these revelations may come as a surprise to some, Craig’s fear of accepting one of the most acclaimed and beloved characters in the film is completely understandable. He certainly would not have been the first actor to have refused to play James Bond due to concerns about what it would mean to take on the role. As the franchise is one of the most globally successful film companies ever, along with all the publicity it entails, it is hardly a decision that can be made easily. But while many fans are still working on Craig’s dramatic exit from the film series No time to die, they will likely be reassured by the fact that five films later, Craig clearly does not regret his decision to say yes to Bond despite his initial skepticism.

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