Even Captain Marvel admits that her version of Venom is cool

Captain Marvel’s own version of a Venom suit that once made her kill and betray her friends and allies is back, and even Carol can admit it looks cool

Carol Danvers, also known as Captain Marvel, is without comparison one of the most powerful superheroes in Marvel Comics, and she became deadly powerful when she was caught in her own version of Married symbiot. The dark suit worn by Captain Marvel was created by Vox Supreme, who used the suit to capture and control Carol and use her powers for her own evil agenda. While the experience of being trapped inside a villain costume and controlled by Vox Supreme was scary, even Captain Marvel admits that the costume is pretty cool.

IN Captain Marvel # 35 by Kelly Thompson and Sergio Davila, Captain Marvel has just been released from Vox Supreme’s capture. The cosmic villain works to capture each and every one of the Marvels and turn them into his personal slaves. In the previous issue, Carol was caught by the villain and tried to use her powers to phase out the containment. Instead of being able to escape, Carol creates a separate version of herself, similar to Binary, Carol’s former alter ego, which manifested itself outside the confinement and created chaos at the facility where they were held. From this, Carol was able to free herself from the Vox-controlled costume.


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When Captain Marvel is freed from the Venom-like suit, she comments on her confinement with a feeling that is of both disgusting horror and admiration. While the suit is being removed from the body, Captain Marvel says, “Getting rid of that color never gets old. It may look fat, but it’s scary … like being a prisoner in your own skin”. “Even though she admitted that it looks cool, it does not mean that she wants anything to do with the suit going forward, and adds,”And if I’ll never be in one of those suits again, it’s still going to be too early”, Which is a direct reference to the atrocities she committed while she was first under the influence of the Vox Supreme.

IN Captain Marvel # 12 titled “The Last Avenger Part 1” by Kelly Thompson and Lee Garbett, fans are introduced to a darker version of Captain Marvel that originally looked like she fell into a hole of corruption. With a brand new suit that acted as the Venom symbiote that gave Captain Marvel a menacing new look, the avenger systematically took down each and every one of her teammates until she was finally freed from the dark influence of the suit.

While the suit looks and works the same as Venom, being a dark liquid that fuses with a host, it is a completely different animal as it is created artificially. It has no mind in itself as it is controlled by Vox Supreme. Despite being captured and controlled by an evil suit driven by one of the most malicious creatures in the galaxy, Captain Marvel can still appreciate the cool aesthetics of the suit, and she’s not mistaken. The Vox suit itself looks brutal and makes the normally heroic Captain Marvel incredibly scary both in the way she looks in the suit, as well as the destructive potential she has. Although it is a means of destruction and slavery, Captain Marvel can still admit that her version of Married suits look really cool.

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