LA Unified students return to class amid a record-breaking increase in coronavirus

Hundreds of thousands of Los Angeles Unified students return to campus from winter vacation Tuesday amid a record-breaking increase in coronavirus cases testing the carefully crafted plans for educators in the nation’s second-largest school district to keep classrooms open under stressful conditions.

LA Unified officials range from staff shortages, large student absences and long queues to access campuses for the crowds of students who are likely to need coronavirus tests to meet the district’s requirement that a negative test be displayed by all , who are seeking to enter the school grounds.

Never has the number of cases of coronavirus in schools been higher. On Monday, district data showed a massive increase in active cases among students and staff to more than 58,000, with more than 760 schools reporting more than 10 cases, more than 140 reporting more than 100 cases, and six colleges reporting more than 300, according to one LA Times database of district cases.

About 15% of the more than 400,000 tests submitted between January 3 and January 9 were positive, according to district data.

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