Lindsay Hubbard talks about drama with Austen Kroll

Lindsay Hubbard suggests future friendship with Austen Kroll, think it can

A few weeks ago, Lindsay Hubbard revealed that she resigned from her friendship with Austen Kroll, after he chose Ciara Miller in a See what happens live game (while Lindsay was among the audience).

Lindsay publicly stated that she was uncomfortable when she listened to Austen’s response in the game. When it happened, Katie Kroll held her hand for support. After the experience, Lindsay said she needed a break from the friendship, and eventually she stopped following Austen.

In an interview with Us Weekly, The Bravo star seemed to soften her stance. “This is not the first time Austen and I have gotten into any kind of tiff,” she said while attending the DeuxMoi x Studs Holiday Party.

The 35-year-old expressed: “This is what happens when you have a close friendship with someone, when you are very, very close – and you are best friends, or you consider yourself best friends – you have to to get into some kind of fight. It’s just, unfortunately, this was very public. So yeah, I do not think our friendship is over. I think it will repair, [but] it may not look the same as before. “

Lindsay also cleared up a rumor that Austen was blocking her on social media. It “never” actually happened, she said. Although both Lindsay and Austen are involved Cottage season 6, their tiff emerged after the filming.

On a “Pillows and Beer” livestream, Austen explained the situation: “I saw weeks before Watch What Happens Live, she found out I was on the go, and she said, ‘Oh, my God, my aunt is in town, I’m will come.’ I thought, ‘Cool, great, you know, I’m calling my sister.’ I thought they were going to hang out in the green room and then Andy [Cohen] found out she was there and said, “Let’s put you in the front row.”

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