Lisa Rinna’s daughter Delilah & Eyal Booker are reportedly broken up

RHOBH star Lisa Rinna’s daughter Delilah breaks up with her boyfriend of more than two years, Eyal Booker. They recently celebrated Christmas together.

Lisa Rinna from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills experiences a breakup in the family as daughter Delilah Hamlin is reportedly divorced from her longtime boyfriend, Eyal Booker. The model and the former Love Island United Kingdom Role member reportedly started dating after Delilah’s sister Amelia Gray saw Eyal in the popular reality dating series in early 2019. Amelia thought Eyal would fit Delilah perfectly, and Delilah decided to slip into his DMs. The two were quickly connected and she flew to London to officially meet him.

Delilah and Eyal began their relationship shortly after the meeting and were announced after they were seen on Coachella in April 2019. However, their relationship was not officially confirmed until they were seen kissing in Beverly Hills in May 2019. Delilah and Eyal worked a lot in love through the last few months. However, it seems that something has changed in recent weeks.


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A source close by PEOPLE has confirmed that the longtime couple Delilah and Eyal have separated after less than three years together. “Delilah broke up with Eyal, “the insider told the news media.The relationship simply ran its course. There was no cheating. She is busy working and focusing on her career right now. She’s fine and has nothing but respect for him, it was just time to close that chapter and move on. “

Delilah and Eyal’s most recent relationship milestone was in May 2021, when Delilah shared a photo of the couple celebrating their two-year anniversary. Most recently, the two have celebrated Christmas together in Los Angeles. On December 26, 2021, Eyal shared a series of photos from his vacation with Hamlins, revealing that he and Delilah’s families met for the first time this Christmas. “It was definitely a Christmas I will soon forget, “Eyal wrote in her Instagram caption on a post that appears to have been deleted. Despite their amazing Christmas together, Delilah had a couple of ups and downs even this year. In November 2021, Delilah was honest about her health problems, leading to an accidental overdose last year. The model explained in an Instagram video that she was battling several diseases this year, such as Epstein-Barr virus, Lyme disease, encephalitis and pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorders associated with streptococcal infections (PANDAS).

It seems that Delilah and Eyal’s relationship ran its course and was not caused by anything outrageous on either side. It is possible that Delilah’s stressful years caused her to take stock of her life and reevaluate her relationship with Eyal. This is not uncommon, and the new year that is starting may also have contributed to Delilah’s decision. Still, the breakup is somewhat surprising given how recently the two appeared happy and in love. Hopefully Delilah and Eyal can stay cordial and continue a friendship together going forward.

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Source: PEOPLE, Eyal Booker, Delilah Belle

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