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Game of Thrones was a bold and epic series until it began to fall apart over the last two seasons. Then the show ended, it did not end satisfactorily for most fans. In a recent interview with Peter Dinklage, the actor addressed the ending and how it offended many people. He shared:

“You’re trying [to avoid the chatter], but it was impossible. You are reminded of it daily by the fans. They had deep knowledge, but if anyone loves something, they have their version of it in their head, so we got early criticism. So when we went, they criticized again because they did not want us to go. Some became angry. But if you appeal to everyone, you are doing something wrong. And we insulted a lot of people. “

Dinklage has the defense Game of Thrones end in yet another interview with The New York Times. The actor talked about the fans and said:

“They wanted the beautiful white people to ride out into the sunset together … By the way, it’s fiction. There are dragons in it. Come on. No, but the show undermines what you’re thinking, and that’s what I’m love by it.Yes, it was called ‘Game of Thrones’, but in the end the whole dialogue when people approached me on the street was, ‘Who should be on the throne?’ I do not know why it was their takeaway, because the show was really more than that. “

See, I loved the characters in the show, the performances were phenomenal from start to finish. However, the show’s writers and showrunners could not keep the narrative quality high, especially after they ran out of source material from George RR Martin. So for some reason, they dropped all the notes that Martin gave them, and the story suffered because of it. It had nothing to do with wanting to see “beautiful white people ride out into the sunset.” To me, the ending just felt choppy and hurried. Hell, even George RR Martin was worried about the show after season 5!

Dinklage’s character Tyrion was my favorite character in the series, and he was amazing in the show. The actor also seems to miss playing him, and went on to say:

“I miss Tyrion. He was just nice, funny, and the writers were smart to not only give him the joke that ends up in a T-shirt, but also make him be more than that – in a world of prejudice. “Every season we got all 10 scripts in the beginning, like a novel. I wanted to go through them ravenously. Not to find out if my character died, but just to enjoy it. It was really such a joy.”

What do you all think about Dinklage’s comments to the series and the fans?

Source: Variety

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