“The cutest man” – Deadline

In a tear-soaked tribute recorded before Jimmy Kimmel Live! audience arrived yesterday, Kimmel shared his thoughts on the death of his friend Bob Saget.

“If you had to pick one word to describe him, it was the cutest,” Kimmel said during the tribute, starting last night’s episode. “I have so many wonderfully friendly and supportive texts and emails, calls from Bob. He always had a compliment. Sometimes he just wrote to tell me he loved me and I know he did it for many. people.”

Kimmel also praised Saget’s humor, noting that he was just as funny in life as he was in his performances. “I mean really funny,” Kimmel said, adding, “he had something funny to say about everything and nothing bad to say about anyone.”

“When my son was in the hospital,” said Saget, “Bob checked in a lot … He was very kind to everyone, and he had no problem telling you that he loved you and what you meant to him.”

The case’s fundraising work in the fight against scleroderma, the autoimmune disease that cost his sister his life, was also noted, with Kimmel guiding viewers to the Scleroderma Research Foundation website.

The case died Sunday in Orlando, Florida, at the age of 65.

See Kimmel’s tribute above.

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