Butter bells are TikTok’s new favorite kitchen Essential

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Please Lord, tell me I’m not the only one with butter bell Tiktok. And while we’re going on, tell me I’m not the only one who had no idea what a butter bell was ?! As a lover of all dairy, butter has a special place in my heart – but apparently I have does not have kept mine properly. It is possible that every single grandmother in my life has kept out of me because my first time I saw a butter bell was on my To You page.

I’m obviously not the only one. When a few users started showing off their butter bells on TikTok, the views skyrocketed (This video by @bellabooslunchesofficial has 4.9 million views), and commentators shared both praise and criticism for the humble butter bell. Many, like myself, were both impressed and mystified that they had never seen one before. Others were very skeptical, claiming that butter belongs in the fridge and is not left out all day.

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Lent by Butter Bell Store.

At first I felt the same – but then I learned how the butter bell works. First, add cold water to the bottom of the jar. Next, fill the bell (aka the lid) with butter, making sure to really wrap it so there are no air bubbles. When the lid is put back on top of the glass, an airtight seal is formed that ensures that the butter stays fresh. If you’re a visual student, @officialphilcollins has a great tutorial (and no, that’s not the real Phil Collins, sorry to disappoint).

And not only fresh, but perfectly spreadable! No more waiting for your chilled butter to soften before enjoying your toast. The perfect spreadability is really what makes butter right from the clock so spectacular. You win again, TikTok.

Below you can see a few of the butter bells I am currently considering buying. Does anyone feel like getting over to some TikTok and toasts?

STYLECASTER |  Butter bell

Lent by Butter Bell Store.

The original Butter Bell Crock in Goldenrod

This classic butter bell comes in six shades and has an 88 percent 5-star rating on Amazon. “These are beautiful bells and good quality,” says one reviewer, Jae K. “The butter is kept fresh and at perfect spreading temperature. Storing butter in your bell also brings out the full flavor.”

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Lent by Butter Bell Store.

The original butter bell in golden yellow

Another option available on Amazon Prime is this butter bell, which comes in 11 shades. With over 4,000 ratings and 4.6 total stars, it’s a safe bet. “So I lived in the dark ages with cold butter and tried to spread it on soft bread,” reads a review by BusyMom1. “I was an infidel, but I ordered it to see if it worked. To my great surprise, I have blissfully spread soft butter on everything I can!”

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Lent by Mrs. Anderson’s Baking.

Ceramic Butter Keeper

If you’re not ready to throw out your dream bell, this butter bell costs only $ 11 – even less if you’re a member of Bed Bath and Beyond! It is also the perfect neutral choice to give your favorite baker or hostess as a gift as it complements most kitchen decor styles.

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Lent by firaworkshopUA / Etsy.

Butter Keeper Blue French Handmade Ceramics

Oh, so you’re already into buttercups and want a bougie? Support a small business and buy something custom on Etsy! This butter bell may be more expensive, but it also works as a beautiful piece of ceramic that you can place on your kitchen table 24/7.

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