“Danger!” Master Brayden Smith’s parents are suing the Las Vegas area hospital after his death

The parents of a “Jeopardy!” Master has sued a hospital in the Las Vegas area where their son died in February 2021, accusing its staff of negligence and medical malpractice, a lawsuit revealed.

Scott and Deborah Smith, the parents of Brayden Smith, a 24-year-old who won the trivia show five times, filed their lawsuit Monday, naming the defendant St. Rose Dominican Hospital-Siena Campus in Henderson, Nevada; hospital company Dignity Health; and several medical staff, FOX 5 in Las Vegas reported.

Their son died after a stomach operation.


“This case is not just about death,” Robert Murdock, a lawyer for the parents, said in a statement to the magazine. “Brayden suffered before he died because the hospital, its nurses and the home nurse failed to teach and take care of this young man with a new stoma.”

"Danger!" Master Brayden Smith died in February last year at the age of 24.

“Danger!” Master Brayden Smith died in February last year at the age of 24.
(“Jeopardy!” / YouTube)

In the lawsuit, the Smith parents identify two doctors and a nurse they claim were responsible for taking care of their son when he was hospitalized due to ulcerative colitis. They claim that the staff never gave him anticoagulants after his surgery and did not meet medical standards of care.

In January 2021, Brayden Smith underwent surgery and was medically approved and discharged from St. Louis. Rose. Weeks later, he endured complications and was readmitted after collapsing. He eventually died of blood clots in his lungs, according to the report.


Brayden Smith was a graduate of the University of Nevada of Las Vegas who appeared in “Jeopardy!” when the late Alex Trebek was still the host. He earned a total of $ 115,798 during his winning streak.

Alex Trebek, a longtime host "danger!," died in November 2020.

Alex Trebek, a longtime host of “Jeopardy !,” died in November 2020.
(Associated Press)

Trebek died months before Smith, in November 2020, of pancreatic cancer.

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