Highlight Search and Destroy mode in Call of Duty: Mobile with these handy tips

Call of Duty: Mobile is not lacking when it comes to various game modes. In addition to standard deathmatch modes, the game also offers a wealth of other game modes designed to keep things fresh and interesting. These modes challenge players to think beyond just running and shooting. One of the hardest to master is Search and Destroy.

Counter-Strike veterans will be quite familiar with Search and Destroy as the mode is lifted directly out of the game. It sees up to 10 players divided into teams of attackers and defenders. Attackers are given a bomb, which they have to plant and subsequently destroy in one of two places. Defenders must defend both sides until the clock runs out. The teams can also win by eliminating all the opposing players as there is no respawn before the round ends. After three rounds, the roles will change.

As you can see, Search and Destroy is very different from other modes. Here are five tips you can use to achieve victory.

Stick together

The lack of a respawn system means that staying alive is more important than ever. To hold together, especially since the attackers are crucial to victory. Defenders should also try to break out in teams so they have a teammate covering them up or vice versa. Attacks should also cover the bomber as much as possible.

Play the goal

It’s easy to lose yourself and try to play this mode like you would in a team death match or front line. However, it’s just asking for trouble. Playing the target means that your opponent will come to you more often than not. That means securing bomb sites, planting the bomb, defending dropped bombs and so on.

Keep an eye on where your team dies

Defenders may be at the back, as they will most likely have to split up to cover the spots. However, they can use the game’s own mechanics to their advantage. The game marks the place where a teammate dies. This can give you a rough idea of ​​where the enemy’s team is, and allow you to sneak up behind them or flank them.


The bomb is the main prop in search and destruction. If the defenders manage to kill the bomber, they can camp around the bomb and wait for the remaining attackers to come to them. At the back, attackers can designate a player as a bomber, and the other players can move to protect that player. But no matter what happens, attackers should never let a bot pick up the bomb.

Do not rely on Scorestreaks or Operator Skills

Another thing to keep in mind is that Scorestreaks is largely non-existent in the same way that Scorestreaks gets updated with each round. So if you’re good, you might just unlock a low-level scoring streak during a round, but it will only be available for that round. Operator skills are also disabled in this game mode. So you can only rely on your weapon and your abilities to win.

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