Inside the Beltway: Glenn Beck and ‘The Great Reset’

Talk about radio host and many years of media presence Glenn Beck has written his 21st book. “The big reset: Joe Biden and the Rise of Twenty-First-Century Fascism “arrived Tuesday and is dedicated to” all those who believe that humans are born to be free. “

“The great reset,” the author advises, is “the most important single subject I have covered in my career, and the movement that could finally extinguish the flame of freedom in America.”

Sir. Beck cites several erosive forces at work here, including the coronavirus pandemic, climate change fanaticism, and politics.

“An international conspiracy between powerful bankers, business leaders and officials; closed doors meet in the Swiss Alps; and calls for a radical transformation of every society on earth – ‘The Great Reset’ sounds like a henchman-with-one- eye-catching away from being plotted for the next James Bond film.But ‘The Great Reset’ is not a work of fiction, the publisher Forefront Books said in advance.

Mr. Beck also offers a chapter on “derailing the great reset.”

The 320-page book was written with Justin Haskins, director of the Stopping Socialism Center at the Heartland Institute – a free-market think tank where he also serves as the organization’s editor-in-chief. As of Tuesday afternoon, Mr. Beck’s book was ranked No. 3 on Amazon’s bestseller list.


Now there is an intriguing phrase.

It appeared in an Issues & Insights editorial published Tuesday and is a practical way to describe the emigration of people from Democrat-dominated cities and states in favor of places dominated by Republicans.

“From 2010 to 2019, US census data show, the 10 bluest states lost 845,000 citizens, while the 10 redest states lost just over 1 million. In short, when the Blue State model crashes, the Red State model hovers,” pointed out leader.

“America is changing. But maybe not as the far left thinks. Once dominant blue cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and even mighty New York are sadly in decline. These are facts. States and cities that have not embraced it toxic theory that more government, more taxes, more regulation, more bureaucratic control, more vigilant schools are what we need, thrive, ”the leader noted.

“It’s not a civil war. Call it the U-haul Revolution. No shots were fired. Just people moving for personal freedom and growth,” it said.


Lack is becoming an unpleasant, disturbing, unknown reality around the United States

“Shoppers are ‘amazed’ at the depletion of grocery items. It’s just empty shelves. From milk to beverages to produce, shoppers are seeing supplies dwindle,” Fox News reported in an in-depth analysis Tuesday.

There are both political and cultural overtones to this phenomenon, especially when the shoppers facing empty shelves and barren bins have an opinion on the situation.

“It’s like a Soviet store in 1981. It’s awful,” a shopper told the network.

None of this is lost to GOP observers.

“Republicans were mocked for warning Americans what the Democrats’ socialist agenda would do to our country. No one is laughing – or getting groceries – now,” Mike Berg, spokesman for the National Republican Congressional Committee, said in a statement shared with “Inside the Beltway.”


A Republican governor remains a favorite in a Democrat-oriented state.

“Another day, another poll showing astronomical job approval ratings for Gov. Lawrence J. Hogan Jr. as he enters his last legislative session as governor, ”reports Maryland Matters, a nonprofit news site centered on state government and politics.

The report cites a Gonzales Research & Media Services poll of 807 Maryland voters published Tuesday that reveals that Mr. Hogan has a 74% job approval rating in the survey, which was conducted 20-30. December and released Tuesday.

“With a deft touch, Hogan has navigated the choppy, biased puddles of politics and kept his ship sailing straight and fast as others have bubbled and sunk in these turbulent times,” Patrick E. Gonzales said in an accompanying analysis of the results.

Sir. Hogan’s assessments trumped those of Chairman Biden in the vote; Mr. Biden guaranteed a 54% job approval rating.

“As for Hogan’s own political fate, Republican leaders in Washington, DC, are trying to recruit him to challenge Sen. Chris Van Hollen (Democrat) this year, “noted the Maryland Matters report, which said the governor would likely” resist these prayers. “


During the week 3.-9. January, Fox News was the best network in the entire cable area throughout the day, serving 1.4 million viewers and broadcast 68 of the 100 best cable TV broadcasts during the investigation period.

The network also beat its closest prime-time news rivals for the 21st week in a row: Fox News drew 2.3 million viewers in prime-time hours, compared to MSNBC with 1.3 million viewers and CNN with 705,000. The biggest rating winner of all was “The Five”, which had an audience of 3.4 million.


• 74% of American adults say they have donated money to a charity within the last 12 months; 74% of Republicans, 74% of Independents and 75% of Democrats agree.

• 44% in total donated money to a religious cause during this period; 54% of Republicans, 42% of Independents and 39% of Democrats agree.

• 47% in total volunteered for a charity hunt within the last 12 months; 40% of Republicans, 49% of Independents and 51% of Democrats agree.

• 35% in total volunteered for a religious group or organization during this period; 42% of Republicans, 31% of Independents and 36% of Democrats agree.

• 15% total donated blood; 11% of Republicans, 19% of Independents and 14% of Democrats agree.

SOURCE: A Gallup survey of 811 American adults conducted Dec. 1-16 and released Tuesday.

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