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Air France on Monday announced a surcharge of up to € 12 ($ 13.50) for airline tickets as it seeks to offset the cost of using more expensive sustainable aviation fuel.

The tax will be added from January 10, according to a statement to customers, as reported by France 24. Economy class travelers will pay between € 1 and € 4 more, while business class customers will be charged between € 1.50 and € 12 extra, depending on the distance to their destination.

Air France’s Dutch partner, KLM, and the low-cost subsidiary Transavia will also implement the surcharge on flights departing from France and the Netherlands.

Sustainable aviation fuel, or SAF, is between four and eight times more expensive than traditional fuel. It is mainly made from used cooking oil, forestry and agricultural waste. It allows airlines to reduce carbon emissions by 75% compared to petroleum during the fuel life cycle. Air traffic accounts for between 2.5% and 3% of global carbon emissions.

Scheduled oil-powered scheduled flights fly from the United States to Australia

Air France said it was convinced that the price of SAF would fall as more European countries began mass-producing it.

The aviation industry aims to become CO2 neutral by 2050. A new law, which came into force in France on 1 January, requires airlines refueling with fuel in the country to use at least 1% sustainable fuel in their fuel mix.

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