Outrage: USA Today says pedophilia ‘is fixed in the womb’

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USA today deleted tweets after public backlash to the article that tried to normalize abnormal adult attraction to children.

The article, titled “What the public keeps going wrong about pedophilia,” was quickly moved behind a payment wall.

The author quoted researchers who claimed that there is a difference between pedophiles who harm children and people who only think about it.

The author claimed that scientific studies found “pedophilia is determined in the womb, although environmental factors may affect whether someone acts on an urge to abuse.”

“Not all people who sexually abuse children are pedophiles. Some pedophiles never abuse children, experts say, and some people who sexually abuse children do not prefer them sexually, but use them as a surrogate for an adult partner. They can be uninhibited and anti-social, with impulse control problems. “

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“The evidence suggests it’s congenital. It’s neurological,” said James Cantor, a clinical psychologist and sexologist. “Pedophilia is the attraction of children, whether or not (the person) ever … harms.”

Cantor said there is no treatment for pedophilia, but pedophiles can be taught self-control and strategies to compensate, which he said is more likely if they are under the supervision of a professional.

“There are the people who are sexually attracted to children … (and then) there are some people who molest children who are not pedophiles,” said Anna Salter, a psychologist, author and internationally recognized expert. “They molest children because of anger. They molest children because they are afraid of adult women. They molest children to get revenge, but they do not actually have an age preference for prepubertal children.”

After deleting tweets, USA today explained:

“An earlier thread did not contain all the information and the story it was written about is behind a payment wall. We made the decision to delete the thread.”


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