The LAPD must audit training in the use of lethal force following increases in shootings from officers

After a sharp increase in police shootings in 2021 – including those of suspects who did not have weapons – the Los Angeles Police Department will review and revise how it trains officers in the use of lethal force, officials said Tuesday.

Chief Michel Moore said at a meeting of the Civilian Police Commission that the LAPD is taking a “deep dive” into its training program to assess whether it correctly outlines existing departmental policies, which have become stricter in recent years, and makes it clear to officers ” the reverence for human life ”required of them.

LAPD officers opened fire 37 times in 2021, killing 18 people – partly driven by a cluster of shootings in the final weeks of the year. That compares with 27 LAPD shootings, seven of them fatal, in 2020, and 26 shootings, 12 of them fatal, in 2019.

Of the 37 people shot last year, 22 had weapons such as knives or blunt objects, but did not have firearms.

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