The sleek design of this sleek shelf looks like an open book to encourage you to read!

Imagine that instead of having a self-care app send you a notification reminding you to read (especially if it’s your decision for the new year), the furniture itself can be a reminder! It’s what Slice is basically, a minimal, compact, elegant bookshelf that looks like an open book, so it can push you to read without having multiple screens or digital stimulation.

“In an astonishing digital age, opening books is not easy, with this in mind, ‘Slice’ is a bookshelf that aims to motivate individuals to read more often,” says Portuguese designer Joao-Teixeira, known for always understanding the task and delivering each and every time with unique pieces like this.

Slice connects the environment, the activity and the user very smoothly through its form and function. In addition to its emotional nature, the bookshelf also adopts an aesthetic approach based on minimalist and sleek forms. Its elegant formal appearance allows the product to be modular, allowing dynamic configurations as a means of highlighting its presence and therefore its use.

You can easily access books from both sides (front or back), and the shelf is deliberately created with a slim profile to better fit in smaller spaces. It can be stacked horizontally if you want to add more color or create a piece for your home library, but Slice is definitely a piece of heavenly furniture for any book lover out there with big dreams and a little floor space!

Designer: João Teixeira

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