The Worst Person in the World Trailer shows a woman’s existential crisis

NEON has unveiled a new trailer for The worst person in the world, a romantic comedy-drama film directed by Danish filmmaker Joachim Trier. The film is highly praised at the Cannes Film Festival and tells the story of a woman in Oslo who begins to question the meaning of life through the relationships she has had for several years.

Different from the first trailer released back in September, the new trailer for The worst person in the world shows some of the influential scenes that made the film stand out from critics and audiences at film festivals around the world. While the first footage focused more on the romance part, the new trailer brings the existential aspects of the story to the center, starring Julie (Renate Reinsve) runs through a quiet and paused Oslo, experiences other surreal experiences and says that she feels like a spectator in her own life.


The worst person in the world starring Reinsve received the award for Best Actress in Cannes, and was named Best International Film in 2021 by the New York Film Critics Circle and the Boston Online Film Critics Association. It was also named Best Picture of the Year for 2021 by Vanity Fair, The Atlantic, The Associated Press, The Playlist and Roger

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The film is also part of a trilogy of Trier. The worst person in the world is the third film the director has shot in Oslo since the 2006s Repeat and the 2011s Oslo, 31 August. Despite not being successors to each other, the films are about what the director called “human stories” during the Cannes premiere back in July 2021:

“It’s an adult tale for adults who wish they had already done so. While the classic coming-of-age novel would follow someone in their late teens, it’s about someone turning 30 and making life choices while she struggles with relationships and with herself. […] It felt ironic to call the movie ‘The Worst Person in the World’ and make it about love because at some point in a relationship, everyone ends up feeling like [that]. But the title has another level, which is about self-acceptance. It’s an existential tale of personal growth – I like to make fun of it being my ‘Eat Pray Love’. ”

The worst person in the world premieres in select theaters in New York and Los Angeles on February 4, before opening in several cities on February 11. Watch the new trailer below:

And see the film’s official synopsis and poster here:

Director Joachim Trier returns with another modern twist on a classically constructed character portrait of contemporary life in Oslo. THE WORST PERSON IN THE WORLD, who tells of four years in Julie’s life, examines a woman’s search for love and meaning in the modern world. Fluently told in twelve chapters, the film features a breakout performance of the winner of best female lead in Cannes, Renate Reinsve, as she explores new professional paths and begins relationships with two very different men (Anders Danielsen Lie and Herbert Nordrum) in his search for happiness and identity.

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