Twitter is responding after Halle Berry says she wants to play Zendaya’s mother

halle berry zendaya

halle berry zendaya

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After Halle Berry said she would play Zendaya’s mother in a future role, Twitter has been flooded with ideas and jokes about which film stars the two award-winning actresses can bring.

The Twitter talk started after Berry said it in the latest episode of Variety’s Prize circuit podcast that she plans to star in a project with Zendaya because the 25-year-old actress is an industrial gem.

“I have a plan,” Berry said said on Jan. 7. “I would love to play her mother. I have an idea because I think she is the future.”

When a Twitter user suggested a hypothetical movie starring the two actresses called “Losing Zendaya”, a play from the 1995 film is called Berry starring in And lost Isaiah, that Suggested star missing words.

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In the answers, users let their imagination run wild with other possible plots they would love to see Berry and Zendaya appear in a movie. For example, one user wrote: “How about some fantasy for a change? Halle descends from a secret coven of New Orleans witches, but since [she] left that life … Zendaya was brought up without knowing her mother’s powers / history before she starts school. “

Another said, “I GET IT. The sequel I REALLY USE. Okay so look for Kill Bill. Black Mamba kills Copperhead and the child is left in the kitchen. Black Mamba tells her” if you ever want your revenge, I understand. ” Cut to now.The child was adopted, trained for years [and] planning her revenge. ”

What do you think – are you interested in seeing Zendaya and Berry together on the big screen?

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