A zombicide game releases epic new trailer

CMON, Spin Master Games and Guillotine Games have created something special with their next project, the long awaited Marvel Zombies: A Zombicide Game, and now they’re giving fans a first look at some of the undead characters roaming the world in an epic (and brutal) new trailer. Marvel Zombies Zombicide will be CMON’s 50th Kickstarter, and after having a chance to play the game for a while, it will be one you should definitely try. The game hits Kickstarter on January 18th, but in the meantime, you can watch the amazing new trailer in the video above.

The trailer starts out with some setup, and the text reads “It started with a glimpse of the sky, and a ripple through the clouds. Then came the hunger.” Then we see several zombified heroes and villains, including Captain Marvel (who holds a Skrull head), Deadpool, Psylocke, Iron Man, Hulk, Phoenix, Iceman, Wasp, Juggernaut and someone who holds Cyclops’ head.

The next text reads “To infect the earth’s most powerful heroes with an insatiable need … for living flesh! This is no world of Marvel Heroes. This is the world of Marvel Zombies.”

For those unfamiliar with the Zombicide franchise, the game is a collaborative affair where you and your teammates take control of a crew of survivors of the Zombie Apocalypse, and you will have to tackle a host of missions on your journey to ensure your crew survives and has the equipment and weapons to defeat all sorts of the undead, including the ultra-mighty abominations.

Abominations are incredibly deadly and are often larger than the common undead minions and players on the board, although they are typically not that much larger. If it’s Marvel Zombies Zombicide, it can be incredible to take on Galactus, especially since. the thumbnail for Galactus stands so high above the ground and the other thumbnails on the table. Players can either play as the undead heroes trying to crush any remaining life, or the last surviving heroes as they get through the game and try to survive, and while the gameplay will feel familiar to fans of the series, the superhero element adds new mechanics and abilities of the mixture that make it stand out immediately.

Marvel Zombies – A Zombicide Game hits Kickstarter on January 18th.

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