All Stars’ Season 2 Winners Detailed ‘Next-Level’ Final

Warning: This story contains spoilers from the finale on Thursday, January 13th The challenge: All Stars.

It all came down to this. TJ Lavin did not make fun when he told the cast about The challenge: All Stars that he would not go easy with them. In fact, he put the remaining four teams through a grueling final.

On the way to the final, the competitors breathed a sigh of relief Jodi Weatherton and Brad Fiorenza – who dominated much of the season – were sent home in the final elimination after meeting each other Darrell Taylor and Janelle Casanave.

Melinda Collins and Nehemiah Clark, Teck Holmes and Ayanna Mackins, and MJ Garrett and Jonna Mannion joined Darrell, 42, and Janelle, 39, in the final – and everyone had a different reason for wanting to be there.

Eventually, MJ, 41, and Jonna, 33, took the crown home – but not before fans experienced any drama in the show, as Ayanna, 43, left the show in the midst of the challenge.

Joanna and MJ The Challenge All Stars

“I mean, I’m not so shocked just because I was there during the race too, and it was so hard,” Jonna told Exclusively. Us Weekly Thursday after Ayanna’s departure. “It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done. It was so physically demanding.”

MJ noted that the whole experience was exhausting. “It’s the next-level type of thing,” he said.

Through their own efforts, however, MJ and Jonna won the $ 500,000 award, which the Tennessee native joked “weighs a lot” and is “very heavy.” MJ then sang his partner’s praises, adding: “We were very, very lucky. We worked very well as partners and played out each other’s strengths and picked each other up where we had our weaknesses.”

He revealed that it was “incredible” to work that long and then have a “common goal” that led to winning. “It’s just surreal,” MJ said U.S.

Now that the duo are masters, they have already turned their eyes to a couple of big purchases – which their children had an influence on.

The Challenge All Stars

“I promised my kids a new swimming pool. When I went, I felt there was no way I could come back without winning because they were already planning it,” MJ, who shares two daughters with his wife Mandy Weaver, said. “[They were] talking about diving from the high dive and having all their friends at home with them. So there was a lot of pressure on Dad. ”

Jonna, for her part, agreed to have her daughter, Naleigh, a puppy. “Obviously, a puppy is not going to cost $ 250,000. Well, I mean [I’m] just [going to] Saving. Winning this money is great because I do not have to work, ”she said U.S. “I can just do my job and be a mom.”

The Arizona native is also the mother of Cal, whom she welcomed in 2020 with her husband.

When it comes to whether the duo will return to the MTV competition series in the future, the champions have mixed feelings.

“We’ll see. I told a couple [of] people in the house: ‘There’s no way I’ll come back. I will not take time away from my family again, “Jonna explained.” What better way to [end] your career, you know, [than] winner? And it happened to be the same city that my Real World season was in. “

MJ, on the other hand, is “definitely” ready for a comeback. “I feel like you know having the crown now, it’s a little mine – and ours – [to] protect, “he said.” But you never know with the show. I know they’re bringing in a whole different demographic that they might have lost. [But] if they have more, I will definitely return. ”

Season 1 and 2 of The challenge: All Stars is now streaming on Paramount +.

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