Andy Cohen says ‘RHOSLC’ star Mary Crosby was a ‘big part of the success’ of the reality series and he’s disappointed she jumped out to film the reunion

Andy Cohen, Mary Crosby

Andy Cohen says that “RHOSLC” star Mary Crosby was a “big part of the success” of the reality series and that he is disappointed she jumped out of filming the reunion

Andy Cohen was disappointed when he was told that ‘Real Housewives of Salt Lake City’ star Mary Crosby should not attend this year’s reunion special.

As previously reported, rumors surfaced this month Mary Crosby, 48, jumped out to record the reunion special for season 2 of ‘RHOSLC.’ Many viewers of the popular Bravo reality series were shocked then Andy Cohen, 53, confirmed earlier this week that the first lady was not present along with the rest of her co-stars as they filmed the reunion and reflected on the current season.

Mary Crosbys The decision must have really left a bad taste Andy Cohens mouth. The media personality recently addressed her absence again, saying:

“As you heard, Mary Crosby did not come, which was very disappointing to me.”

When asked if he was lined up by the reality star, he said:

“No, I had sense. I talked to her on New Year’s Eve a few hours before I went on the air. We had a long talk and … it’s her story to tell, but I understood she did not find gratitude by being with in the show longer. “

He continued,

“And that’s what I do not like about people not showing up for reunion, you allow others to control your narrative as your last gesture. You know, I would much rather hear from her.”

Mary Crosby

He added,

“The truth is, she was a big part of the success of this show!”

He then briefly touched on the possibility that Crosby will not return for another season. He said,

“If she does not want to return to the show, it’s one thing. But I wish she came back to the reunion, told her, and left with her head held high, and then made the decision [to return or not]. “

Many fans have taken to Twitter to discuss Crosby misses the reunion and may never return to the show.

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