Check out the PS5’s new console covers and DualSense colors

PlayStation continues to expand its range of PlayStation 5 DualSense colors and now PS5 console covers, and we have a close-up of some of the latest.

Check out the gallery below to see PlayStation’s three new DualSense colors – the Galactic Purple, Starlight Blue and Nova Pink variants, as well as the Midnight Black PS5 console covers, the first of two new interchangeable covers for your PlayStation 5.

New DualSense colors, PS5 covers

Sony announced these new PS5 and DualSense color variants in 2021. The controllers and covers, as well as the Cosmic Red PS5 covers, are available this month, while PS5 covers matching the new DualSense colors will be released later in 2022. If you ‘if you’re looking for them, be sure to check out our guide to where you can get the latest PS5 DualSense controller color variants.

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