Gavin Newsom rejects probation for Sirhan Sirhan – Deadline

California Governor Gavin Newsom has rejected parole for Sirhan Sirhan and concludes that the man convicted of the murder of Robert Kennedy “still lacks the insight that would prevent him from making the kind of dangerous and destructive decisions he made in the past. . “

Sirhan was granted parole last summer by a state panel, but Newsom still had the authority to remove his release.

“The most striking evidence of Sirhan’s lack of insight is his shifting narrative of his assassination of Kennedy and his current refusal to take responsibility for it,” Newsom wrote in an oath to the Los Angeles Times.

The question of whether Sirhan, 77, should be released was shared by Kennedy’s children. Robert Kennedy Jr. and Douglas Kennedy argued for Sirhan’s release, but other children, as well as Kennedy’s widow Ethel, expressed opposition to it.

Sirhan’s lawyer, Angela Berry, told the Associated Press that he would ask a judge to overturn the governor’s decision. She said Sirhan had demonstrated a record for rehabilitation and that he no longer posed a public safety risk. The trial board whether he was still a risk to society and his age in deciding whether to release.

Robert Kennedy was mortally wounded on June 5, 1968, shortly after speaking to bubbling supporters after his victory in the California presidential election. Kennedy died a little over a day later at the Hospital of the Good Samaritan. He and his wife, Ethel, had 10 children, and an 11th was born after his death.

In his statement, Newsom argued that Sirhan has shied away from responsibility for the assassination after previously confirming that he killed Kennedy, and in an interview with David Frost that he acted alone.

“He claimed he could not remember the crime, and then said he was innocent,” Newsom wrote. “In 2016, Sirhan said he thought he did not kill Kennedy based on what he had read in his lawyer’s legal brief. As recently as last year, Sirhan portrayed himself as the victim, claiming he ‘was in the wrong place. at the wrong time ‘. “

The governor also wrote that Sirhan still posed a public security risk, even in old age.

“Despite previous calls for violence, Sirhan recently laughingly rejected the current relevance of his status as an ideological lightning leader,” he wrote. “He does not understand, let alone has the ability to control, the complex risks of his self-created fame. He cannot be released safely from prison because he has not reduced his risk of inciting further political violence.”

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