John Mayer tearfully remembers Bob Saget when he and Jeff Ross picked up a late actor’s car from LAX

John Mayer and Jeff Ross find solace in sharing memories of their late friend, Bob Saget.

The couple went live on Mayers Instagram on Wednesday while driving on the highway after picking up the Case of the Case, which the deceased actor had parked at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) before his flight to Florida.

The case was found dead in his hotel room at the Ritz-Carlton in Orlando Sunday after his stand-up comedy performance at the Ponte Vedra Concert Hall, outside Jacksonville, Saturday night. The beloved comedian was 65 years old.

During his drive on Wednesday, Mayer, 44, spoke about the Case and the kindness he showed with every person he met.

“I have never known a human being on this earth who could give so much love, individually and completely, to so many people in a way that made every person feel like he was a protagonist in their lives, and they were a main character in his life, ”said the singer, who was sitting behind the wheel.

“Everyone is so aware of how universal Bob’s love for people was,” he continued, before crying. “The thing that just keeps popping up when people say they’m sorry is just, ‘I loved that guy. “

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John Mayer

John Mayer

john mayer / instagram John Mayer and Jeff Ross in the car

With reference to the difficult past of the Case – the Full house Actor lost several family members throughout his life, including his older sister Gay after her battle with scleroderma in 1996 – Mayer said: “He had all the excuses under the sun to be cynical, to be sad, to be suspicious.”

Mayer added: “He had every reason to be the man at the back of the bar bitter. [But] he laughed, and he spread joy, and his protest against the cruelty of these things was that he would smile and spread love and be childish, and be innocent and be loving. “

Ross also talked a lot about his deceased friend and said, “[Bob] really took care of everyone … If you need a doctor, if you need a lawyer, if you need a pastrami sandwich at three in the morning because a girl just broke your heart, Bob was the guy . “

Ross continued, “He knew how to handle success and help people stay successful. He always gave me good advice … I would say to Bob, ‘What should I do? I feel guilty. I’m pressured to do this or that. ‘ He would say, ‘Do what’s good for you.’ And he really understood how to take care of himself and take care of others. “

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Elsewhere, Mayer, who tore several times during the ride, shared moving words about the Case.

“Do you know how exuberant you must be, in your love for everyone in your life, for every single person he loved to be told by another: ‘He loved you so much’? Everyone is held in place by Bob’s insistence that tell everyone how much he loved everyone, “he said. “Bob’s exuberant and repeated expressions of love are the greatest gift he left people, because all we have is the pain of his walk. We do not have to worry about the accounts. Things are in order as to whether we are surprised or not. have to wonder how Bob felt about us. “

Ross added: “He loved making people happy. It didn’t matter who you were, your status … he somehow took his TV family and made them his real family, which is unheard of. There comes to be missing something for a long time. “

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bob saget

bob saget

Mike Coppola / Getty Bob Saget

Halfway through the tour, Ross and Mayer repeated to viewers at the Live discussion why they were together – and what had happened when they arrived at LAX to search for the Case Prius.

“Like John just said, we’ll bring this cowboy horse back to camp. This is his car, we went to LAX … We went to four floors, looked for it, tried to find out where he parked and of course “He parked right at the entrance. He’s Bob Saget, he has rockstar parking,” Ross said. “Bob had his Lexus to go to restaurants and saw this junky Prius … it took a while, but we got it out of LAX.”

“This is the only time in my life I’ve been honored to help a friend at LAX,” Mayer joked, adding that the Case’s parking ticket turned out to be $ 250. “The parking company was, let’s just say, not receptive to the idea that we were helping a friend who is no longer with us.”

“They were like, ‘if this is [John] We want Stamos’ car, “Ross joked.

Bob Saget and John Mayer

Bob Saget and John Mayer

Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images Bob Saget and John Mayer

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Before concluding their live talk, Mayer and Ross left viewers with a few final words about their deceased friend.

“I have to say we’re only a few stars in the galaxy of Bob Saget’s beloved,” Mayer said. “This is not even starting to take into account a giant tapestry of stories … this guy replicated directly, connecting love with everyone.”

“Everyone has a spiritual connection with Bob. He made me laugh. He made me feel like I belong … Bob has never asked anyone for anything except the scleroderma benefit every year. So if there is one message to any of this, then follow the Scleroderma Research Foundation, “Ross shared.

“If you have it in your heart, if you have a few extra shekels in your pocket. It’s definitely a worthy cause,” he added. “What can we say other than ‘We love you, Bob.’ Long live you, King Saget.”

Bob Saget and Jeff Ross participate in Scleroderma Research Foundation's Cool Comedy - Hot Cuisine New York 2018 at Caroline's on Broadway on December 11, 2018

Bob Saget and Jeff Ross participate in Scleroderma Research Foundation’s Cool Comedy – Hot Cuisine New York 2018 at Caroline’s on Broadway on December 11, 2018

Ilya S. Savenok / Getty Jeff Ross and Bob Saget

Their touching tribute comes after the couple mourned the Case in their own respective messages on social media earlier this week.

Mayer first honored the deceased actor with an emotional tribute on Instagram on Monday before sharing a lengthy post the following day. “I’ve met a lot of people in my life, but when Bob crossed my path, I just held on to him and I did not let go,” the singer-songwriter wrote in part.

Ross also posted his own Instagram tribute to Saget along with a carousel of photos of them with some of their famous friends.

“I spent yesterday in Bob’s kitchen crying, eating and even laughing with his amazing wife Kelly [Rizzo], a couple of our close friends and Bob’s wonderful teammates. Yes, it was full house, but it still felt very empty without our star, “his post read in part.

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