It seems that Kanye West is about to have a firm grip on the rap game in 2022. Steven Victor recently announced that Donda 2 is on its way, and in recent days we’ve seen Kanye connect with a number of artists, from The Game to Antonio Brown, as he hinted at the release of new music. It seems that on Friday we might get the first glimpse of what he has done.

Brad Barket / Getty Images

A video surfaced online this morning of the Kanye West studio featuring Pusha T and The Game while on a FaceTime call with DJ Premier and his son. “Your father is my inspiration,” Kanye told Premier’s son.

“He’s out right now. You got me out right now,” Premier replied.

While the two continued chatting, Kanye puts The Game and Push on FaceTime with Premier, saying they will start a new wave with their future releases. “We’re starting a whole … we’re just checking the sound of the music, it’s up to us now, period,” Kanye said before revealing he has a new song due out on Friday.

“We have a song that we’re releasing on Friday that we would like you to make a scratch on if possible,” Ye asked.

Aside from Kanye’s music plans, he’s also been quite social lately. Of course, he has often been spotted with his new lady Julia Fox. Last night, Evan Ross shared a video of a rather confusing link-up, including Kanye and Fox, along with Madonna, Floyd Mayweather, Antonio Brown and Jason Lee. Check it out below.