LA Fitness authorizes all members who enter gyms to be fully vaccinated or harder and faster than a guy who checks cards

Image for article titled LA Fitness Mandates All members who enter gyms must be fully vaccinated or harder and faster than a guy who checks cards

IRVINE, CA — Announcing a new policy with strict guidelines, LA Fitness on Thursday unveiled a mandate that all members entering its fitness centers must be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 or harder and faster than the guy checking Map. “Either you need to show proof of your coronavirus vaccination or be able to plow right through several of our staff,” was the new policy from the exercise chain, which clarified that unvaccinated members could only come in with a negative PCR test in previous 24 hours, or if they were so large and strong that the staff were for sbother messing with them. “Whether it’s Moderna, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson or ducking under the arms of employees, pushing someone else to the ground and evading the capture of our security team, you can come in. This policy will keep all our valued LA Fitness members safe. by preventing unvaccinated persons who cannot run from the doorman or stun a guard with a single blow. ” LA Fitness is just one of many companies that have moved toward stricter vaccine mandates recently, including Chili’s, which now only allows access to customers who have been vaccinated or who can scarf a full three-course meal down in that time. it takes an employee to ask for their card.


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