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MØLNESAL – The new year often brings with it intent and hope for change.

And the goal of a local fitness center is to help you reach your goals, no matter how long it may take.

Nancy Hackenberg, owner of Be One Healthy Fitness Center in Mill Hall, believes that a person’s health goes beyond the physical.

“My philosophy is health is 80 percent mental, 15 percent what you eat and 5 percent is exercise,” Hackenberg said.

Hackenberg, a certified trainer and life coach, has been helping her clients since she first opened Be One in April 2018.

LAURA JAMESON / THE EXPRESS Nancy Hackenberg, owner of Be One Healthy Fitness, uses the gym’s weights for an exercise.

Be One’s name came from the loss of her best friend, Hackenberg said.

The coach said her friend died at the age of 42 due to a brain aneurysm. Every year since, on her birthday, Hackenberg hands out roses to people who have impacted her life. “I always say that to have a true friend, you have to be that,” she said.

And then Be One Healthy Fitness Center was created.

In July 2020, she moved to her current location at 247 Main St. in Mill Hall.

Although the space is not large, with a large open area for fitness classes and various pieces of exercise equipment, Hackenberg said it is perfect for her clients’ needs.

LAURA JAMESON / THE EXPRESS Nancy Hackenberg, owner of Be One Healthy Fitness, uses a punching bag in the gym.

“Our group fitness has more of a one-on-one feel with small class sizes,” Hackenberg said.

If a class reaches 20 people – the number that can safely train in space – she said she will look to start more classes to compensate.

Hackenberg currently serves 40 customers and is growing, she said.

For Hackenberg, what sets her apart from other gyms is the mental approach she and her coaches take to teaching.

“Mindfulness is super, super important with the world as it is,” she said.

To that end, Hackenberg and her teachers end each class they teach with a positive tone. For Hackenberg, she often ends the lessons with a moment of meditation. And each class always ends with a class song “have a good time, be strong, be one” to bring them all together.

Hackenberg has also started holding guided meditation courses.

Be One offers a large selection of classes, taught by Hackenberg and about 10 teachers. They include: Strength and Stretching, Barre, Kickboxing, HIIT, MMA HIIT, Mindful Yoga, Circuits, TABATA. Hackenberg and her coaches have also made their own workouts.

Among them is the Sit2BFit class, which meets twice a week.

Hackenberg said these classes can help those who are unable to stand for extended periods of time still get a workout. So far, she has had clients ranging in age from 60 to 79 to attend.

“One client just said that because of our class two days a week, she could carry her vacuum cleaner up the stairs, something she could never do before.” Hackenberg said. She noted that this client is 79 and had been attending classes for about two and a half months.

Be One also holds Pound classes with certified Pound trainers and Generational Pound classes for children.

In addition to teaching, Hackenberg offers open training, where clients can plan time in the center to use the training equipment or train alone or in a group.

Although it was Hackenberg’s business, she could not say enough about her training staff. Everyone gives up their time voluntarily, she noted.

“Fitness does not come first, it is their heart that came with them,” Hackenberg said. “Anyone can learn the right form. They have the heart to inspire and motivate.”

Hackenberg said she and her coaches understand what it is like not to feel confident and not be physically, emotionally or spiritually healthy. This experience helps make them want to get the best out of customers, she said.

This heart and care is a driving force behind Hackenberg’s philosophy at Be One. And that’s also why she does not believe in using the term “New Year’s resolution.”

“It’s not about decisions. They do not stick. Commitments do,” she said. With this mindset, Hackenberg will meet with each of its clients to discuss their commitments.

“I’ve got customers saying ‘I want more confidence“or”I want to feel strong when I walk into a room“or even the more common”I want to look good,“” she said. “Overall, it’s the most”what can i win.“”

From there, Hackenberg and the other coaches at Be One work to help clients continue their commitments, whether they are short-term or long-term.

Hackenberg stressed that commitments are not something one can typically achieve in a few weeks. They constantly take work and drive.

“A long-term example is a client who has been cleaning since they went to 10th grade. She is now 9 months free, she said. “It’s a journey of a lifetime, you can not get a quick fix.”

Building relationships with its customers and helping them achieve their engagement goals is something very important to Hackenberg.

“That’s when they can trust us, open up, and it can take years,” she said.

The key to her fitness center’s success so far, Hackenberg said, is her and her coaches’ ability to relate to clients.

“We are not perfect either, but we are still on the hunt. We are not giving up. We are real life, and real life is up and down. We are relatable and will challenge anyone to be their best.” Hackenberg said.

Be One offers a few membership options, including: $ 50 for regular membership, $ 25 for seniors, and $ 45 for veterans, military, and first aiders. The fitness center also offers “hollow card” options. Someone can also buy a 10 or 20 hole card.

Anyone who wants to know more about Be One can contact Nancy on cell phone at 570-660-1718; at her office 570-726-8130 or via social media on Be One Healthy Fitness’s Facebook page.

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