Marvel Unlimited launches Eternals Comic digitally with Webtoon


Marvel and Webtoon have announced Eternals: The 500 Year War, a seven-track series launching on Marvel Unlimited today, January 12, to coincide with The Eternal film release today on Disney +, followed by a launch on Webtoon, the world’s largest digital comics platform, on January 20,

Marvel Launches Eternals Comic Series On Digitally O Webtoons
Marvel Unlimited launches Eternals Comic digitally with Webtoon

The Infinity Comic series focuses on the Eternals in their previous encounters during the 500-year war against dissidents around the world. While fighting the Deviants, fans will see Eternals interact with different cultures of the human race over time through the cultural artifacts that were given to them. Each issue will have an international creative team of writers and artists from the respective country in which the story is told. The rotating creative line-up includes authors Dan Abnett, Aki Yanagi, Jongmin Shin, Ju-Yeon Park, David Macho, Rafael Scavone, Yifan Jiang; artists Geoffo, Rickie Yagawa, Do Gyun Kim, Magda Price, Marcio Fiorito; and Gunji. Art will be colored band Matt Milla, Carlos Macias, Fernando Sifuentes, Pete Pantazis, and Felipe Sobreiro.

“Bring Eternals: The 500 Year War to Marvel Unlimited will open doors for our international creative teams to tell much more personal stories by placing them in their home countries, “said CB Cebulski, Editor-in-Chief of Marvel. “These stories also break boundaries and provide excitement beyond anything fans can imagine with these diverse, multicultural characters”

“Marvel’s Eternals is perfect for Webtoon readers around the world: a global tale that crosses borders and borders, and a diverse new cast of heroes, all available in an innovative mobile format,” he said. David Lee, Head of Content at Webtoon US “This series is perfect for anyone who wants to see more of the incredible Eternals in action, expand their universe with new stories and a new format on Webtoon. We’re excited to work with Marvel on Eternals: The 500 Year War and can not wait to collaborate on more incredible stories together. “

Marvel has recently created their own Marverticals digital comics for the Marvel Unlimited app, with a lot of original, regular content, with X-Men Infinity as their most popular title, and puts in and contributes to Marvel Comics’ regular continuity. But they have now signed a distribution deal for originally created Marvel Comics vertical titles for Webtoon, the Korean-based leading comic book publisher in the world.

WEBTOON is collaborating with Crunchyroll to develop animated series

Webtoon is a webtoon publisher launched by Naver Corporation in South Korea in 2004. The platform was first launched in Korea as Naver Webtoon and then globally as LINE Webtoon in July 2014. In 2019, LINE Webtoon was changed to Webtoon in English and Spanish and French versions were launched. In 2020, Webtoon was transferred and serviced to Naver Webtoon Corp. In November 2020, Webtoon established a new subsidiary called Webtoon Studios, which will license their English properties. The platform collaborates with creators to publish original content under the Webtoon Originals banner and hosts a number of other series on its self-publishing site Canvas.

Last year, DC Comics also entered into an agreement with Webtoon to collaborate on standalone webcomics that “will appeal to all fans without the need to know or read past stories.”

Two years ago, Webtoon was the most popular comic book publisher in the world, and its size and scope have increased dramatically since then, with an average of 72 million monthly active users, of which about ten million are in the United States, and its serialized webcomics that scroll vertically are available in the Webtoon app, which can be downloaded for free for Android and iOS, or via the company’s website. Webtoon is also launched in the United States and has offices in Los Angeles, where they are currently recruiting editors and talent drivers. Generally, the first few chapters are free, with paid episodes beyond that. While many creators have become solely reality on Webtoon, others include recognized from other markets Linda Sejic and Justin Jordan.

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