Mayor Gloria says San Diego is “ready for positive change” in a speech on the state of the city

Mayor Todd Gloria makes a point during the livestreamed State of the City speech. Picture from the city

Mayor Todd Gloria said Wednesday that San Diego is on its way out of the pandemic and ready for “positive, transformational change” to address housing, public safety, infrastructure and homelessness.

“Our challenges are great, the road ahead is long and there is so much work to do. But SanDiego, we are ready, ”he said in his annual State of the City speech.

Gloria spoke from the convention center in the center and chose the place because of its role in housing both homeless residents and then immigrant children – actions he said showed the best of San Diego.

Recognizing that residents are “lacking in patience and happy talk” after nearly two years with COVID, he focused on what he described as the four biggest problems: housing, infrastructure, public safety and the homeless.

He promised to ease restrictions on new construction to increase the number of homes by 100,000 over the next eight years. He said the city will take advantage of new state legislation to build more apartments close to transit and help developers of affordable housing with financial assistance.

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