Mother struggling to save husband’s life after his ‘cold’ turned out to be a rare condition

Kirsty Coley raises money to get her husband treated in the Cayman Islands. She said: ‘I’m so desperate to stop my husband from dying, it’s going to kill us all’

Kevin Coley, 43
Kirsty Coley’s husband, Kevin, was diagnosed with motor neurone disease on Christmas Eve

A woman desperately tries to save her husband after the cold he was diagnosed with turned out to be a life-threatening illness.

Kirsty Coley, from Chipping Sodbury, South Gloucestershire, is trying to raise more than £ 33,000 to pay for life-saving treatment for her husband Kevin, 43.

She recounted how her partner broke down on Christmas Eve after being diagnosed with motor neurone disease, which treatment is not available in the UK, It reports BristolLive .

It took Kevin three years to be properly diagnosed after he fell ill on a trip to New York.

She said: “We were on a trip to New York in 2018 for Kevin’s fortieth birthday.

“He started to feel uncomfortable with a sore throat, his voice went and he was really tired.

“When we got back, we visited the doctor, who said it was just a common cold.

“From then until now, his voice is completely gone. He struggles to walk and he always stumbles and has torn his head up.

“For years, the same doctor has been basing it on colds and stress. Then a few days before Christmas we were told it could be motor neurone disease.

Kevin Coley, 43, and his 19-month-old daughter Jesse


Kirsty Coley)

“On Christmas Eve, he was referred to a specialist at Southmead Hospital. They performed tests on Kevin immediately, who confirmed that he has motor neurone disease.

“Now he’s broken up. He does not want to leave me or his baby. He’s desperate to see him on his first day in the nursery.”

Kirsty and Kevin’s baby, Jesse, is only 19 months old.

Now the couple is “begging” for donations to the former mechanic, whose condition is deteriorating day by day.

The collection will hopefully get Kevin treatment in the Cayman Islands.

Kirsty said: “I ask for help from the whole word to donate to his treatment abroad as we can not receive it in this country.

“Kevin is the most loving real man you could ever encounter in your life. 19 months ago, one of his dreams of having his little boy Jesse, whom he absolutely loves, came true.

“He’s such an amazing father and would desperately love to take Jesse with him to his first day of school. With the help of everyone, we can make this happen and give him the treatment he deserves.

“I’m so desperate to stop my husband from dying, it’s gonna kill us all.”

To donate to the collection, click here .

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