PlayStation is phasing out PS Now gift cards amid speculation about Game Pass-style service

Following reports that PlayStation is asking UK retailers to start removing PS Now retail cards, PlayStation has confirmed that it is streamlining its gift card offerings.

According to a message sent by Game Store retailers to staff, UK stores were asked to remove PlayStation Now subscription cards by 21 January. In a statement to IGN, PlayStation states: “Globally, we are moving away from PlayStation Now gift cards to focus on our current cash denominated PlayStation gift cards that can be redeemed for PlayStation Now.”

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Xbox already offers something similar with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which combines its Netflix-style subscription service with Xbox Live Gold and xCloud games.

According to previous reports, PlayStation has plans for three levels, starting with online games and free monthly games, a higher level with a Game Pass-style catalog and an even higher level with streaming and a larger library that includes backwards compatible games.

There is a chance that both of these are true and that Sony is planning to offer a total retail gift card (I imagine there are people who mistakenly buy a PS Now gift card when they wanted a PS Plus gift card) as well make room for this new online service.

MattTM Kim is IGN’s news editor. You can reach him @laloftd.

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