Riot Games is temporarily expanding the buyout program to all employees

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On the heels of announcing plans to move in a somewhat new direction over the next five years, Riot Games has expanded its Queue Dodge buyout program – usually available to new employees during the first six months of their employment – to everyone employees. In other words, employees who choose to leave the company right now – because they are not part of the CEO’s stated vision, or for some reason – are offered 25 percent of their annual salary, three months of subsidized health care, and other benefits in throughout January.

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Everything a worker – also known as a Rioter – has to do to sign up for this buyout program is complete. This may be for any reason, but the timing of Queue Dodge’s expansion suggests that it’s primarily intended as a way to weed out people who do not believe a job with the new Riot is right for them. Riot in particular is asking people to sign the company’s new five-year plan, as CEO Nicolo Laurent outlined on January 11 in a very long blog post. Laurent spoke about the company’s goals, its commitment to diversity and inclusion and a restructuring that has been going on for some years.

“We ask the Rioters to commit to a riot where everyone feels supported,” Laurent wrote the company’s website. “Where ideas get productive feedback, where Rioters ask difficult questions in ways that promote healthy dialogue, where we all learn and grow from different perspectives, and where we are inexcusably and relentlessly focused on players.”

Talking to Business Insider, Laurent provided some context for the expanded Queue Dodge, while also explaining that the move will position Riot Games for success in the future. Laurent argued that the program is not about thinning the herd.

“We are trying to grow the business,” he told the publication. “We just want to make sure we have the right team of people who are very motivated.”

Riot’s Queue Dodge buyout program, which takes its name from a term used to describe players leaving multiplayer lobbies before a match starts, has been around for a while, though typically only available to new employees. Prior to this expansion, the program let Rioters go away with 10 percent of their annual salary (up to $ 25,000) as opposed to the current 25 percent. The extension appears to be temporary and will only last until the end of January.

We have contacted Riot Games for a comment and will update if we hear back.

In addition to the three-month subsidized health care and 25 percent of their annual salary, insurgents who sign up for the expanded Queue Dodge buyout program will remain eligible to earn a potential employee bonus in March.

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Riot Games recently decided one trial on gender discrimination that was imposed on the company back in 2018 for $ 100 million. To be honest, I think it’s a little strange that the company wants to compensate people who do not like, with its external attitude to diversity and inclusion, but I also understand that employees need resources to keep searching work in the temperamental industry that is video games should their last job not work for some reason. It’s a double-edged sword, this Queue Dodge program, but I suppose I can say I’m totally for it, as long as those who stay are actively committed to correcting racism and sexism which has persisted with the developer for years.

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