State of the Union Season 2 Trailer reveals the return of the SundanceTV series

SundanceTV has unveiled the trailer for the new season of State of the Union. The anthology comedy series follows couples who have intense and blunt conversations about their relationship and finds out what they can do to become better spouses, and with a different format, each episode extends over ten minutes into the couple’s life and accompanies the conversations they have. , while waiting for their weekly couples therapy to start.

In the first season, Rosamund Pike and Chris O’Dowd discussed heck out of each other at a pub while revealing their problems with each other. In the new season, Patricia Clarkson and Brendan Gleeson will play Ellen and Scott, a couple with thirty years of marriage under their belts, who sit in a cafe for ten minutes before their therapy session. They are closely observed by and sometimes interact with Jay (I’m going out Jouléy), the coffee shop that defies their worldview. The trailer reveals that Clarkson and Gleeson will trade teasing across all topics, including life in your early sixties, and follow the world’s changes, sex, monogamy, pronouns and everything you can fit into ten minute conversations.


The first season of State of the Union won three Emmys in 2019, including the Outstanding Short Form Comedy or Drama Series award. Once again bestselling author and screenwriter Nick Hornby (High Fidelity, About a boy) writes all the episodes while being nominated for an Oscar twice Stephen Frears (The queen, Philomena) directs. Known for their wit and charm, the duo will bring this combo back to State of the Unionsecond season.

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Season two of State of the Union premieres on February 14th on SundanceTV, Sundance Now and AMC +. All episodes will also premiere as a full-season binge on AMC Networks’ streaming services Sundance Now and AMC +. Watch the new trailer below:

And check out the series’ official synopsis here:

strong> Brendan Gleeson (That Macbeth’s tragedy, In Bruges), Patricia Clarkson (Sharp objects) and I’m going out Jouléy (High maintenance) plays the lead role in the brand new adaptation of Nick Hornby’s award-winning short-form drama that focuses on smart exploration of relationships and the human experience. This season, liberal campaigner Ellen (Clarkson) pulls her traditional, self-made husband Scott (Gleeson) out of her comfort zone and into a hipster coffee shop in Connecticut, where they have 10 minutes before their marriage counseling to drink a cup of coffee, gather their thoughts and quarrels about everything from Quakerism to pronouns. Every week, between quarrels, they begin to piece together what has gone wrong between them. As the weeks go by, they begin to deconstruct their 30-year marriage. Past betrayals are aired, their sex lives are re-evaluated, and their vulnerabilities are finally shared. By the end of 10 weeks of marriage counseling, they are not the same couple they used to be, but are they making a change enough to save their marriage, or should they walk away?

Chris O’Dowd on his Nick Hornby series ‘State of the Union’ starring Rosamund Pike

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