Ted Cruz Asks FBI Officials About Suspected Undercover Agents Involved in Capitol Riot January 6 – The Published Reporter®

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) asked if FBI agents or confidential informants had participated in the Capitol riots or if they had in any way “actively encouraged” crimes that day; Executive Assistant Director of the FBI’s National Security Department Jill Sanborn replied, “Lord, I can not answer that.”

WASHINGTON, DC – Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), fresh from feverish relapse in previous comments, referring to the January 6, 2021 riots in the US capital as a “violent terrorist attack” made a sharp turn on Tuesday when he harshly questioned a senior FBI official regarding suspicion that undercover FBI agents were involved in breaking the building while Congress tried to certify the results of the 2020 presidential election.

However, the FBI official repeatedly refused to answer Cruz’s questions.

At a hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee entitled “The domestic terrorist threat a year after January 6,” FBI National Security Assistant Jill Sanborn was asked by Cruz about rumors that FBI agents had somehow encouraged members of the riot to actually enter the Capitol building.

“How many FBI agents or confidential informants actively participated in the events of January 6?” asked the Texas senator, to which Sanborn replied that she was unable to discuss the FBI’s “sources and methods.”

Cruz then asked if FBI agents or confidential informants had participated in the Capitol riots, or if they had in any way “actively encouraged” crimes that day; to both of these questions Sanborn replied, “Lord, I can not answer that.”

Cruz then asked Sanborn about Ray Epps, a person seen on video the day before the riots who encouraged protesters to enter the Capitol building the next day; in that video, Epps could be seen telling a bunch “Tomorrow we’re going to the Capitol!” The audience, who clearly suspected Epps of being insincere, began to sing “Fed! Fed!” against him.

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Some people have suspected that Epps was in fact an undercover FBI agent sent to incite protesters, as evidenced by the fact that he originally appeared on the FBI’s Most Wanted list after the riots, but was suddenly removed without explanation; At previous hearings since the riots, various government officials questioned about Epps have repeatedly refused to confirm or deny who he was.

“Miss Sanborn, was Ray Epps fed?” asked Cruz.

“Lord, I can not answer that question,” she answered and continued to refuse to answer any further questions that Cruz asked about Epps and his alleged activities.

But after the hearing, the rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) a series of tweets that tried to disprove the theory that Epps was a federal agent.

In a longer Twitter thread, Kinzinger claimed that Epps was removed from the FBI’s Most Wanted list because an investigation had revealed that he did not enter the Capitol Building on January 6 and had not committed any crimes, and that Epps had fully cooperated with 6. January Committee inquiries.

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