The new girl at my job makes me look bad

DEAR HARRIETTE: The new girl at my job makes me look bad. I trained her myself, but none of the training seems to hold.

Harriette Cole

She’s on probation right now and I’ll give my analysis of her in a week. I really like her, but she performs so poorly that I can not co-sign.

Should I give her a chance to get her to act, or should I be honest about her poor performance? Giving an inaccurate report can put my job at risk.

Poor performance

DEAR BAD PERFORMANCE: Lying helps no one, especially in this situation.

Talk to this new employee before her formal job performance meeting. Ask her what is happening that makes it difficult for her to perform her tasks effectively.

Tell her that you are worried that she does not seem to understand what to do or choose not to do the work the way you taught her. Encourage her to talk to you about what is preventing her from doing her job well.

Listen carefully so you can gain insight into what is going on with her. Remind her that her evaluation is on its way and that she will not get a good review as it looks. Give her suggestions on what she can do now to improve her work performance.


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