The show ‘Environmentally Speaking’ highlights climate change at West Bloomfield’s Janice Charach Gallery

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An installation from Environmentally Speaking.  - SUSAN HOFFMAN FISHMAN

  • Susan Hoffman Fishman
  • An installation from Environmentally speaking.

Speaking of increasingly severe weather events caused by climate change, Michigan-based artists and curators Laura Earle, Leslie Sobel, and Olivia Guterson present works by 15 artists on the subject.

“What is the legacy we want to leave for future generations?” That’s what Earle says in a statement. “We can already see the cumulative effect of simple daily choices – so many changes have taken place in our lifetime. We have a narrowed window where we can make lasting changes. I want to amplify insightful and hopeful voices in this conversation and encourage all members of our community to participate. ”

A focal point of the project will see a large-scale sculptural piece hang from Janice Charach Gallery’s skylight on the second floor down to the first floor. The curators also invite members of the community to contribute by writing letters to the Earth, which will be placed in a mailbox and used to make an installation and video. A renovated vending machine will also sell small works of art created by artists across the country, and a dance performance, “Elements of Life: Moving Together with Nature”, will be held from 6 p.m. 18-21.

From 15-18 Sunday, January 16 at Janice Charach Gallery; 6600 W. Maple Rd., West Bloomfield; The exhibition runs through March 3. Admission is free (tickets cost $ 18 for the show).

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