The War For Earth-3 Crossover Event Comes to DC Comics (Exclusive)

The War For Earth-3 crossover event will feature Suicide Squad, Teen Titans Academy and The Flash in an epic Multiversal battle.

Warning! Spoilers for the future War for the Earth-3 crossover event by DC Comics

That War for the Earth-3 comes to DC Comics. Next year, a handful of comics will cross each other in a whole new event that will see heroes and villains occupy the characters from Earth-3. That War for the Earth-3 will take place on the sides of Teen Titans Academy, Lightning, and Suicide Squad, with two editions accounting for crossovers.

That War for the Earth3 will be centered on Amanda Waller’s quest for power in the DC Universe. Synopsis for War for the Earth-3 # 1 reveals that Crime Syndicate will be chasing the former Task Force X leader, leading to Teen Titans, Flash and Suicide Squad colliding on Earth-3. Titans and Flash will be looking for a missing student who they thought was taken by Waller to be part of her Justice Squad team. War for the Earth-3 # 1 is written by Robbie Thompson and Dennis Hopeless, with art by Steve Pugh. The crossover will have connection covers from Rafa Sandoval (see below). The edition will include variants from Gleb Melnikov, Liam Sharp (1:25) and Guillen March (1:50).


In the meantime Suicide Squad # 13 by Thompson, Hopeless, Eduardo Pansica, Julio Ferreira and Dexter Soy will feature Rick Flag’s Squad trying to get Waller to pay for her crimes. However, Waller is armed with his own suicide squad consisting of Match, Talon and several characters to be revealed. In addition, the issue contains a variant cover from Melnikov.

Lightning # 780 by Thompson, Hopeless, Pasarin and Matt Ryan will feature Wally West helping Teen Titans Academy track down their missing student. However, Flash will encounter issues after crashing into Earth-3’s speedster, Johnny Quick. The standard cover for the edition is by Nikola Cizmesija. In addition, the edition contains a variant cover from Max Dunbar.

Teen Titans Academy # 13 by Thompson, Hopeless, and Mike Norton will see school heroes try to save a student before it’s too late. Synopsis teases an “impossible choice” for them. The edition contains a variant cover from Pamela Hoogeboom.

That War on Earth-3 The # 2 finale of Thompson, Hopeless, and Soy will feature a deadly battle between the Crime Syndicate, Teen Titans and Flash – as Waller’s plan to take over Earth-3 is well underway.

The War For Earth-3, takes place on the sides of Suicide Squad, Teen Titans Academy, and Lightning, begins in March 2022. The crossover event runs through the first day of the month, starting with War For Earth-3 # 1 and ends with War for the Earth-3 # 2 on March 29, 2022. The exciting event sets the stage for what comes next in each of the titles in the crossover.

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