Used car prices rose 37% as supply shortages create chaos for car buyers, sellers – CBS Philly

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The ongoing pandemic-related supply and staff shortage continues to wreak havoc on the automotive industry. Lack of computer chips makes the already difficult task of buying a new car even more challenging.

On Wednesday, CBS3 showed you the effect of 7% inflation on groceries. On Thursday, we show you the impact on the car market, where Edmunds says that the prices of used cars have risen 37%. It makes the process of getting new wheels tough for the drivers.

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It is exciting to load and drive from the ground. But what’s more emotionally draining is the disappointment of not finding what you want.

Many dealers face almost empty grounds, like this one in South Jersey.

Ongoing COVID-related supply chain shortages have expanded into the automotive industry, where used vehicles are sold before customers can reach them.

A woman ended up buying a new car when she went in to buy something used.

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“But when I made the pricing as a rare for that I was looking for, compared to a new car, it was only a difference of $ 1,000, and it was a 2018 vs. ’22,” said Mount Airy resident Nicole Norris.

At Barbera Jeeps on Roosevelt Boulevard, Jim and Theresa Wilkins drove from the Poconos to pick up their new ride after searching the tri-state for weeks.

“He said, come down here as soon as you can, because if it’s gone, it’s gone, then we’re back to square one again,” Jim Wilkins said.

The retailer has its own challenges when buying. They have become very practical due to delays in supply chain shortages due to lack of computer chips.

“Definitely pipeline challenges. We’ve actually sent some people to pick up the car, which we’ve never done before in 30 years. It’s like if it settles at the port, we’ll take it,” said Gary Barbera. .

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Some retailers face greater shortages, which means consumers have to travel longer to get what they need. Experts say shop around – and online – for the best deals.


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