Vaccine card holders that you actually want to show off

As more people around the world are vaccinated to protect themselves and others from COVID-19, more vaccination cards are coming into their hands. One problem many people encounter is how to store their cards as they do not fit into a standard size wallet without being folded and possibly damaged.

Some choose not to store it in their wallet at all, instead of storing it a clear plastic protector. Others even resort to laminating their cards, which some public health officials warn against, as the vaccine card must have boosters or future additional shots registered on it. In several states, such as California, Louisiana and New York, a digital vaccination card is available through vaccine registration apps, so you can have the information on your phone without having to worry about carrying a physical card around.

But if you live in a state without an app, or you just like to have your card on you when you travel, you need something to wear it in. And even if you could just have it in a plain, clear protector, if you’re looking for a more stylish option that has some personality, consider the options we’ve rounded up below. From floral prints to cases with witty phrases, these holders provide a durable, colorful solution for storing your vaccine card.


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