What Season 9 lacks in plot, it wins in editing

Vanderpump Rules is known for endless friendship drama. Season 9’s lack of a concise story means more campy moments that mask the series’ mistakes.

Water pump rules season 9 lacks a really compelling plot, but it compensates for that with campy bits. The series has always been known for its emphasis on stupidity. Every member of the ragtag group of celebrity wannabes takes themselves seriously, while the show editors never do. The former SURvers, who became aging Los Angeles friends, still want fame and fortune, but do not have the same dramatic life as they used to. With Stassi Schroeder fired after accusations of racism, there is not a clear protagonist to follow or a clear herd leader.

Water pump rules is often silly, from Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval’s matching outfits to Lisa Vanderpump’s ubiquitous sex jokes. The friendship drama certainly tended to be a bit convoluted, but there was always a thread to follow. Emotion overflow kept the chaos wheel going. Back then, drama used to reach Shakespeare proportions, which brought Water pump rules fans Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Khloe Kardashian, Issa Rae, Selena Gomez and even Martin Scorce’s attention to the action on screen. Silly jokes always filled the gaps in history, and such tactics are now more necessary than ever.


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The relationship between everyone now seems a little more forced than they used to be, and the conflict pops up like a blip on a radar. To be fair, most of the pandemic Bravo content is missing to some degree. There have been several paddleboard yoga sessions across housewife franchises and none of them have been fascinating. Unlike many other Bravo shows, there are many unmasked events and dinners. Water pump rules was fortunately filmed during a very open period of the pandemic. But when plotless storylines begin to catch up with each other, the editors resort to those campy bits. So far, Lisa had donned a dog costume and made lewd overtures to Tom Schwartz, and the band has held endless theme parties and pickleball tournaments. Most recently, Tom Schwartz took the trip of his life to confront Tom Sandoval.

Tom has been on a long journey to try to step up to his friend. The ride on the tiny bike with high knee socks appeared production-inspired and was extremely fun, although the ride did not end in a real intervention over Tom Sandoval’s hot temper. Editors also did a good job of assembling a montage of footage portraits to fund Raquel Leviss’ nose job. Then there was Ariana Madix’s birthday at Madcap Motel, with retro backgrounds for everyone’s mood.

The Toms family got another chance to show the balance of power in their relationship as they spoke on a deliberately crooked bed, reinforcing the sad aesthetic. Ariana’s drunken behavior was a bit to herself. Eventually, there was an ice bath, emotional inventory, and Tom tattooed Lisa’s name on his asshole after losing a bet. The show may seem like it’s grabbing a straw at certain points in season 9. However, the magical combination of utterly ridiculous camp humor, paired with sparkling personalities and transparency, has provided more than enough magic to keep it afloat.

Hopefully, a season 10 would bring a more cohesive cast and a more fluid story. Lala Kent’s breakup with Randall Emmett seems more than juicy enough to trigger another season. The show’s celebrity fan base probably also loves the cheesy energy and craves more. If the notoriously talented editors have anything to say about it, Water pump rules will exist in the coming years.

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