Zendaya pays tribute to Ronnie Spector, who she will play in Biopic

ronnie-spector-zendaya - Credit: Tom Sheehan / Sony Music Archive / Getty Images;  Jeff Kravitz / FilmMagic

ronnie-spector-zendaya – Credit: Tom Sheehan / Sony Music Archive / Getty Images; Jeff Kravitz / FilmMagic

Zendaya, who was cast to play Ronnie Spector in an upcoming biopic, paid tribute to the Ronettes legend on Thursday, a day after the singer’s death at the age of 78.

“This news just breaks my heart,” Zendaya wrote on Instagram. “Talking about her as if she’s not with us feels strange since she’s so incredibly full of life. There’s not a time I saw her without her iconic red lips and full teased hair, a true rock star all the way. through.”

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In September 2020, it was announced that Euphoria star had been tapped to portray Spector in an authorized biopic about the singer based on her memories Be My Baby: How I survived mascara, miniskirts and madness, or my life as a fabulous Ronette; while the film is still in development, Zendaya was able to meet Spector to discuss the role. The actress also shared a Polaroid of herself with Spector dated December 2018, almost two years before the biopic was teased.

“Ronnie, being able to know you has been one of the greatest honors in my life,” Zendaya continued. “Thank you for sharing your life with me, I could listen to your stories for hours. Thank you for your immeasurable talent, your unwavering love of achievement, your strength, resilience and your grace. There is absolutely nothing that can dim the light you are throwing. I admire you so much and am so grateful for the bond we share. You are a magical force of greatness, and the world of music will never be the same. I wish everyone had to experience you the way I did. We celebrate your beautiful life and give you all the flowers you so rightfully deserve. ”

Spector died Wednesday after a brief battle with cancer, her family announced Wednesday; Keith Richards, Steven Van Zandt, Brian Wilson, Darlene Love, her Ronettes bandmate Nedra Talley, La La Brooks and Rolling stones‘s Rob Sheffield has all shared a tribute to the girl group icon.

Zendaya’s tribute noted that her A24-produced Spector biography will soldiers after the singer’s death. “Rest in great power Ronnie. I hope to make you proud,” Zendaya wrote.

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