Adriana De Moura and Julia Lemigova: Just flirting besties or are They living?

After a long break, The Real Housewives in Miami is back for a fourth season.

Thought the series’ revival streamed on Peacock, it’s a hot topic among Bravo fans and includes many familiar faces.

One topic that keeps popping up is … the friendship … between Adriana and Julia.

Are they good friends? Are they friends with benefits? Or are they fake-flirting to give themselves a story?

Julia Lemigova and Adriana De Moura

Adriana De Moura is a returned housewife, but this time she is newly divorced.

Julia Lemigova is happily married – and in a long-standing milestone for the franchise, an out-of-home housewife with her own housewife, Martina Navratilova.

But … what’s really going on between Adriana and Julia?

The Real Housewives of Miami Promo

There is a lot of kindness of an overall nature between the two.

On camera at least. Viewers are not the only ones who pick up on this.

Guerdy Abraira has noticed, and even suggested, the two have a “friends with benefits” situation.

Adriana De Moura flashes with her teammates

Juliana gave Adriana a foot massage – which, although often purely platonic, can be very flirtatious in some contexts.

Martina was weird about it.

According to the tennis professional, Julia has only given her one foot massage – and that is them married.

Real Housewives of Miami group selfie

Before we start screaming “love triangle!” from rooftops, we should consider the alternatives.

Adriana has been withdrawing from the fake since her first season of the program – which was season 1.

At the time, she was happy to pull the wool over the audience’s eyes about her marital status at the time to give herself a story.

Julia Lemigova had never seen this before

About a decade later, how much has really changed with Adriana and what she is willing to do for assessments.

In some cases, we might love to see a flirtation between Housewives rubbing and turning into a romance.

But in this case, Julia is a happily married woman and we would hate to see someone’s marriage sabotaged.

Real Housewives of Miami having fun by the pool

It would be especially cruel if the franchise’s first (and again long-awaited) wife couple had real marital problems.

This would be even worse if fake flirting, played up for the cameras, had this detrimental effect on a very real marriage.

But maybe it’s harmless flirting, or maybe it’s fake (and everyone agrees). It’s interesting to see it all unfold.

Real Housewives of Miami season 4 title card

Julia has commented on Adriana’s lips (honestly, which Housewife’s lips is it not worth commenting in some sense?).

When Adriana and Guerdy visited Julia and Martina’s farm, it was when Julia did a foot massage.

Now Adriana’s stiletto heels were soiled beyond recognition by the ugliness of the farmland, so it did not come out of the blue. One could argue that Julia was a good host.

Real Housewives of Miami responds by seeing something

The flirtation continued at Julia’s birthday party.

Adriana had put a flower in her slit and Julia said she should definitely resist smelling it.

Guerdy touched the pot and brought the foot massage in front of Martina … who could not help but notice that she has only received such a special treatment once.

Real Housewives of Miami for a confrontational dinner party

There was a lot of harp on the foot massage while other housewives weighed their marital boundaries.

On Watch What Happens Live, however, Julia confirmed that she is happily married, that Martina is not unsure of her friendships, and that she and Adriana are just friends.

Between editing, the nature of the business, and perhaps some mischief on Julia and Adriana’s parts, we think this is just a funny story blown out of proportion.

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