Batgirl Movie Set Photos Reveal Multiple DC & DCEU Easter Eggs

Batgirl movie set images reveal several DC & DCEU Easter eggs, right from the movies and cartoon, including Vicki Vale, Lex Luthor and more!

New Bat girl set of images reveals several DC and DCEU Easter eggs. Bat girl is the latest live-action DCEU feature to go into production, which is directed by Bad Boys For Life instructors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah. The film stars Leslie Grace as Barbara Gordon / Batgirl, with JK Simmons returning as Commissioner Gordon after first appearing in Zack Snyders Justice League as the character. Brendan Fraser will play the villainous role as Firefly, while Michael Keaton’s Batman will also appear, reportedly in a mentor-like role.

Bat girl has been filming in Glasgow for the past week and several photos have been shared from the set revealing a number of major DC-related Easter eggs. Grace has been seen on the set wearing a Gotham City PD t-shirt, while a mural of Keaton’s Batman was also seen, which saw Dark Knight along with his anti-crime partner Robin, who is the first for DCEU. Keaton will also return as Batman this year Lightning, starring Ezra Miller, who is expected to play with the DC multiverse in a way that merges multiple timelines and universes into one.


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New sets of photos from Bat girl has revealed even more connections to the wider DC universe as well as the DCEU. A series of images from faux magazine stands reveal magazine covers in the universe from “Gotham Tattler” (a magazine published in Batman: The Animated Series), which produces a wealth of DC connections. One cover has Lex Luthor (misspelled as “Luther”) still in Arkham Asylum, probably in the middle of the events of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Zack Snyders Justice League. The cover also mentions “Capitol Building Bombing” which alludes to the event of the aforesaid BvS. Another cover for Gotham Tattler mentions the mysterious Court of Owls, a powerful underground group in Gotham that first appeared on the pages of The New 52 Batman series. In addition, the cover also mentions a story about one “former circus child star” which the Owl Court tried to recruit. This is probably a direct reference to Dick Grayson, aka Robin, who was a circus star with his family, The Flying Graysons. Check out these covers and more below:

The last cover is for a magazine called “Gotham Life” which has a story about Vicki Vale, who is one of Batman’s biggest love interests, especially in Keaton’s 1989 Batman with actress Kim Basinger in the role. This is the first mention of her character in DCEU, as her first and last appearance was in the Keaton movie. Vale has only appeared in comics, animated films and video games since her first feature film appearance, and so far no casting has been announced indicating she will return to Bat girl.

With all the interconnected aspects of the DC universe and DCEU at stake here, it’s unclear whether Bat girl will take place before or after the events of Lightning, which seems to change the DCEU by recreating, merging and generally shaking things up to bring together all aspects of the shared DC world under one umbrella. How that will happen is still a mystery, but these Bat girl set images, even if they are just magazine covers, make it sound as if comics, movies, animated series and more are coming together in one big, common universe.

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