Brett Kavanaugh is suddenly the right wing’s new punching bag

In the summer of 2018, when Congress investigated an allegation of sexual assault Brett Kavanaugh, which he denied, Tucker Carlson defended the then Supreme Court candidate by suggesting that his accusations were “part of the problem” and described the allegations against Kavanaugh as part of “the left-wing war against old white men.” Over the past two weeks, however, the Fox News star has embarked on his own war against old white men. Carlson –– fresh from his humiliation in the air of a pondering Ted Cruz, which he called a liar in the face in response to the Texas senator characterizing the January 6 riot as “a violent terrorist attack on the Capitol” – has now placed Kavanaugh completely in his binoculars.

On Thursday, the Supreme Court toppled Joe Biden‘s employer vaccine-or-test mandate for large employers in a 6-3 decision. But in another case, the focus was on health professionals, Kavanaugh and John Roberts sided with the Liberal judges in a 5-4 decision. While reacting to this news, Carlson noted this departure from the popular GOP sentiment, saying the mandate was defeated “without the help of Brett Kavanaugh”, whom he condemned as a “crooked little liberal”. He went on to say that the decision helped “millions of Americans who are waiting to be fired from their jobs because they will not obey this arbitrary command of the president.”

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A number of other conservatives joined Carlson in this conservative-against-conservative violence. “It was disappointing to see Chief Justice John Roberts and Judge Brett Kavanaugh join the Court’s Liberals in upholding a mandate aimed at health professionals.” tweeted Rep. Matt Gaetz. “America’s companies should forget these mandates faster than Joe Biden forgets his daily schedule.” Florida’s governor Ron DeSantis said the referee pair lacked “backbone” while Donald Trump Jr. — Whose father, of course, appointed Kavanaugh—kimede in: “The left wing cracked Kavanaugh. It has always been their intention and it worked. They turned him into a Roberts. “And former Trump assistant Steve Cortes noted that “America First patriots and pressure Trump rallied violently for Brett Kavanaugh in his melting pot moment, and he’s been a disappointment ever since.”

Despite the recent outpouring of criticism from the right, Kavanaugh has recently sided with the Conservative majority on issues such as abortion, the right to vote and now against the vaccine mandate for large employers. Yet three Republican house candidates also emerged in the fight – perhaps in an attempt to build their conservative bona fides. “Brett Kavanaugh has just tested positive for the RINO virus,” tweeted .Lavern Spicer, a Florida GOP nominee running for Congress. Errol Webber, a GOP House candidate running in California tweeted that Kavanaugh and Roberts must never be called “conservative,” while Omar Navarro, a Los Angeles Republican who has lost to Rep. Maxine Watters a tradition, wrote that “traitor and loser” Kavanaugh should have been left “on the street” for the Democrats to “eat him alive.”

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