Final claim in CS: GO skin gambling lawsuit dismissed because plaintiffs actually never used Steam

A US federal court has rejected a final claim against Valve in a one-year-old lawsuit over CS: GO skin gambling. The case was part of a series of 2016 lawsuits that accused Valve of facilitating unregulated gaming on third-party sites where people could bet CS: GO skins, some of which sell for more than $ 1,000 on the Steam Marketplace. All these cases have now been dismissed.

Back in 2016, stories of teens blowing through their parents’ credit card boundaries to buy keys to CS: GO weapon cases so they could play skins on black market websites hit mainstream news: “Virtual weapons turn teen players into serious gamers,” Forbes reported. Valve received some harsh words from the Washington State Gambling Commission at the time, but in the end, it seems Gabe Newell and the company have avoided any lasting legal damage from the controversy.

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