How to connect OnePlus Buds Pro to two devices at the same time

The OnePlus Buds Pro earphones can now be connected to two different devices at the same time. How to configure the ‘Dual Connection’ function.

That OnePlus Buds Pro can be connected to two separate devices simultaneously. Being able to connect a pair of headphones to two devices at the same time is not a feature that many earphones boast. While popular earphones from Samsung and Apple come with the option, they also incorporate their own style of multi-device connectivity, which limits connections to their own devices.

OnePlus launched Buds Pro in 2021 as its first pair of advanced earphones. For $ 150, it offers several notable features, including active noise reduction, transparency mode, in-ear detection, wireless charging, IP54 rating for water and dust resistance, and up to seven hours of battery life (or 38 hours with the case).


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OnePlus recently rolled out a new update to its OnePlus Buds Pro that enables support for two devices. In an official forum post, OnePlus explains how the new “Dual connectionā€¯Function allows you to connect the earphones to two different Bluetooth devices at the same time. This feature allows for a seamless switching between the two connected devices, depending on which audio is playing at that time.

How to set up a dual connection

OnePlus Buds Pro

To configure Dual Connection on OnePlus Buds Pro, the earphones must run with the latest firmware. Although OnePlus does not specify which firmware version, it is believed to be Users can check their firmware version by going to Bluetooth settings on their OnePlus phone and select the gear icon next to OnePlus Buds Pro and select Headphones. The firmware version will be displayed at the bottom of the menu. Other phone brands will need to check their firmware version through the HeyMelody app, the companion app for OnePlus earphones for non-OnePlus phones.

With the updated version in use, a new one Dual connection the menu item must be visible next to it Zen Mode Air below Special features section. Switching the switch will cause the earphones to disconnect and reconnect to the phone. Users can then continue pairing the earphones with another device. When the earphones are connected to both devices, they should be displayed below Connected devices list below Dual connection. This is all that is required to set the function, and the earphones automatically switch to the device on which the sound is currently playing. In addition to Dual Connection, the company also added LHDC audio codec support, for high-definition audio streaming, for OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro phones running OxygenOS 12.

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