It is not worth playing the original games first

Despite the fact that Kratos has a deep history of origin within the God of War franchise, the original games do not have to be played until God of War (2018).

Although there are many games in god of war franchise that came before God of War (2018), the original series does not have to be played first before you can enjoy the latest episode. Kratos, the main character in god of war franchise, has a detailed background story told through the original games and almost all parts of the original god of war the tale is captivating because it explores a unique take on many of the Greek mythological figures. Whether gamers are avid history buffs or just into it for action and bad, there is something for everyone in the original god of war game.


However, God of War PC game publishing will allow many people to experience one god of war games for the first time, especially for those who have always missed out on PlayStation exclusivity. Those who wonder if they can play and enjoy, God of War (2018) without playing the originals should know that they will be more than sure to do so. While there is a recall to Kratos’ time in the original god of war games, nothing is discussed that will leave first-time players confused. On the contrary, Kratos only shares information with other characters in God of War (2018) if they need to know it and he is extremely direct with detailed key information.

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Beyond what Kratos reveals himself, the ancient mythology story shared god of war (2018) sticks to Nordic mythology alone. For example, there are several places in the Jotnar shrines god of war which only describes events that have and will take place around Nordic mythology. God of War (2018) does an excellent job of leaving Kratos’ past in the past, allowing the warlord to take full control of what he chooses to share with his son Atreus, Nordic characters and even the players themselves. This is not to say that the parts of his story that Kratos chooses to share will not leave players wanting more, but the shared details will most likely make players ask questions that do not interrupt the story of God of War (2018) itself, and therefore does not need to be answered immediately.

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Aside from the story, the gameplay itself God of War (2018) is completely unique from all other items in the franchise. Even the best skills in God of War (2018) does not resemble what the players first experienced in the original games. God of War (2018) begins all on the same page, where Kratos uses new skills and weapons that had never been seen before in the franchise. Both Kratos’ Leviathan Ax and Guardian Shield are new pieces of equipment that were first introduced in the latest game, and these are two of the primary weapons used for the majority of the game.

Although Kratos will eventually receive the Blades of Chaos, the classic weapon is with everywhere god of war games in the franchise, changes in how weapons and skills are upgraded in God of War (2018) will not require players to have prior knowledge of how these mechanics worked in games in the past. Blades of Chaos is improving in the same way as the Leviathan Ax upgrades in God of War (2018), and the materials needed to upgrade Blades are also unique to the game.

Fight in God of War (2018) is also more fluid and personalized than it was in the original games. Before the last game, combat was mostly just one effect area after another with how the Blades of Chaos used to work, and although they have a similar attacking style now, each match feels like it’s been given a little more room for personalization. Instead of fighting hordes of enemies at a time and sweeping them with attacks, God of War (2018) allows players to selectively focus on goals and fight them individually. During the more challenging difficulties, especially on the Give Me God Of War difficulty level, players will have to rely heavily on their ability to target enemies individually to prevent them from starting up.

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Of course, there are still skills and abilities that make it easier for Kratos to fight groups of enemies at a time, which is why some of what makes the fight more intimate in God of War (2018) is the camera angle itself. all God of War (2018) the story, from start to finish, is told seen from a single over-the-shoulder image that only sees the camera slowly pan and zoom over the focus of the moment. Even during the intermediate sequences themselves, there are no quick transitions God of War (2018), allows players to remain completely immersed in the game without any interruptions. Conversely, all Greek gods meet in Kratos god of war games one to three are through fast-paced interactions that are nothing particularly cinematic.

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Perhaps the biggest difference between God of War (2018) and the previous games are the camera angle itself and the game’s progression. From the original god of war to God of War 3, every fight against any enemy is carried out from the cinematic solid shot that was popular in games from the early 2000s to the early 2010s. As the camera angle was fixed, each game had a more linear progression and did not allow players to explore the environments significantly, further limiting the immersion. As mentioned, the story is detailed in God of War (2018) does not require any knowledge of the previous games first. Anyone who is not a fan of third-person fixed-camera action-adventure games can safely avoid playing early god of war games in the franchise.

Before God of War Ragnarok is released, fans should definitely play God of War (2018) because the former is a direct successor to the latter. Although the details of what happens to Kratos in the original series provide a richer story god of war, there are other resources like YouTube or written pieces that can capture fans of the series in much less time. In fact, because of the horrific murders that Kratos commits throughout god of war are so critical of his overall character development in the series, those looking to play God of War (2018) on PC will probably at some point catch up with all the Greek gods that Kratos has killed.

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