Things are getting hotter in Yeezyland … Following the announcement of Kanye West’s upcoming new song, “My Life Was Never Eazy” with The Game, a preview has appeared on the web showing one of the inflammatory lyrics dedicated to Pete Davidson, Kim Kardashian’s new boyfriend.

While Ye parades around the world with her new boyfriend, Julia Fox, the rap mogul took some free pictures of her ex-wife’s new husband on her new song. At the moment, the number is still unreleased, and the number includes a bar aimed at Pete, where Ye says he wants to beat the comedian.

Gotham / Getty Images

Elsa / Getty Images

“God saved me from the crash just so I can hit Pete Davidson’s ass,” Ye raps on the song. The multidisciplinary artist often refers to the car accident from earlier in his life where he almost lost his life. Ye apparently thinks he survived the accident, just so he could swap hands with Kim’s new boyfriend.

The song was announced earlier today with wild cover images showing a bloody monkey over a red background. The Game is reportedly also shown on the field.

Follow the release of Yes’ new song “My Life Was Never Eazy” with The Game, and listen to the preview below.