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BOSTON (CBS) – Double issues? I have to admit, I hate the cheesy, classic, overly light weather phrases and puns. But we have two significant storms about to pass nearby in just a few days. Nor a perfect trail for snow lovers in southern New England. The first Friday is a little too far east, just close enough to scrape the Cape with a little snow and herald strong winds and cold.

The trail of storm # 2 on Monday appears to be just a little too far to the west and is driving up either just west of or right through our area. These tracks typically mean more rain than snow (especially everywhere east of downtown).

Let’s back up a bit and take this storm by storm:

First out, fringed this Friday. . . chance of light snow

There will be an absolute bomb of a storm heading east across the high seas on Friday. Thank God this thing does not get 50-100 miles closer! However, it will be just close enough that some rain and snow will return over parts of the extreme eastern MA during the day. It does not look like much, but there may be some showers as far west as the I-95 corridor from Boston to Providence in the late afternoon. Best chance of a grass cover or a slight snow accumulation (inches or two) would be areas south of Plymouth, including Cape Cod and the islands, late in the storm. The precipitation starts as rain late in the morning on Friday and then changes to snow later in the afternoon (between 3-5p) before decreasing at night (between 8-10p). Again, all precipitation will be limited to the southeastern MA.


Strong winds

The biggest impact from storm # 1 will be the winds. There will be a very wide wind field associated with this deep ocean storm, and New England’s land mass is sticking out just enough to be trapped on the western outskirts. We expect gusts from north to northwest between 30-40 mph west of I-95, 40-50 mph along the immediate shoreline and 50-65 mph above Cape Cod and the islands. This could be just enough to create some isolated power outages on Friday night along with some scattered wind damage. Peak winds will occur from around noon. 16.00 Friday to around kl. 8.00 Saturday with a slow / gradual phasing out through the day on Saturday.


Bitter wind cooling

Combine the winds I was talking about with another round of Arctic air and you’re having a pretty miserable Saturday. Wind cooling values ​​will drop as low as -15 to -25 degrees overnight Friday night to around noon Saturday. Only “recover” to 0 to -10 Saturday afternoon as wind decreases.


Storm # 2

Last but not least, there will be another strong storm right on the heels of Friday’s storm. As mentioned earlier, the trail of this storm will be much further west, generally over land. While most of southern New England will start as a short period of snow, for many it will not last long. Expect the rainfall to come between 2-4 Monday morning. Should start as snow everywhere west of I-95, probably all the rain east of it. The heaviest rain and snow occurs between kl. 06:00 and 13:00 on Monday and we expect the rain / snow line to make significant progress to the north during that time frame. Too early to call the snowfall number and the exact time of the transition between snow and rain, but safe to say, the further north and west you live, and the greater your altitude, the higher your snow totals are likely to be.


Maybe this will help to tell the story better: Odds for more than 3 “snow in Boston on Monday are around 10%, while somewhere like Fitchburg would be more like 60%. The snow” jackpot “from Monday’s storm will probably be out in the state of New York and far up in northern New England.Some of these areas can grow up to 1-2 feet!


The wind is also likely to be a concern Monday morning, especially over the south coast and Cape. We will have more about this in the subsequent blogs and forecasts. Given the traces of the storm, we are not too worried about coastal floods, but we will have to monitor the high tide on Monday morning between kl. 10-11.

A lot is happening! Stay tuned for frequent updates on WBZ-TV, and CBSN Boston

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