Lisa Bonet seems to be signaling that Jason Momoa is split in a previous interview

Lisa Bonet seemed to be parting ways with her husband Jason Momoa when she spoke of going into a “river of uncertainty” and “learning to be authentic me” in an interview published weeks before the couple officially announced the end of Their marriage.

A joint statement shared on “Game of Thrones” actor Momoa’s Instagram page on Thursday said “we have all felt the pressure and the changes in these times of transformation … A revolution is unfolding ~ and our family is no exception … that feel and grow from the seismic that shifts. “

Bonet used similar language during a conversation with longtime friend, Oscar-winning actress Marisa Tomei Interview Magazine published December 21, 2021.

“The revolution is clearly here and we are all feeling the pressure. If you are not, you are in total denial, and the more you resist, the more you will suffer, “said the” Cosby Show “star.

“Everything is crumbling out there,” she continued. “The personal work is to understand where the empire and these archetypes live in us. The revolution is inside, and learning to be new in this new world.”

When asked by Tomei what she’s calling her right now, Bonet replied:

“I must definitely learn to be authentic myself, learn to be new and follow this invitation from the universe to step into this river of uncertainty.”

“We have eliminated all this extra noise and now it’s time to grow our roots deeper into our own values,” she added.


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