Porsha Williams makes fans happy with a new Giveaway announcement

Porsha Williams announces that she has a giveaway and fans can not be more excited after her post. See what she had to say below.

‘It’s time for another giveaway !! I hope you all enjoy #ThePursuitOfPorsha and I would LOVE to hear what you think! Submit a written review of my book online, then fill out the form in my bio to let us know where we can find it. We select ONE reviewer to win a ONE-ON-ONE Zoom date with ME! The winner will be announced on January 20th! Good luck!’ Porsha subtitles its post.

Someone said, ‘Love the book,? Me and some ladies wonder where you got those candles from in Sunday’s episode. Are they glowing flameless candles? ‘

One commenter wrote this: ‘I tried to do this for my book (still not satisfied) and was told that you may get in trouble for this because it is considered a kind of lottery or something. You can take a closer look at Wana. ‘

Another commenter said: “Listen to the audio version, hits that different listeners will read.”

Another said: ‘The pickles hit differently than. The best on the market and they are organic, ‘and another follower said:’ @ porsha4real I’m currently reading your book and love it. My must have snack sunflower seeds. ‘

Porsha Williams just addressed a sensitive issue – that’s something that happened during her show. You can check out the post that The Shade Room shared below.

The Shade Room posted this message: ‘Porsha breaks her silence about the physical altercation in the latest episode of her show’ Porsha’s Family Matters’.

One fan wrote this: ‘I do not know how Simon does not feel awkward about Porsha having his ex as the main part of the show. They keep saying they get along for PJ, but the only thing they talk about is how he missed their relationship. It does not sound like co-parenting to me. It sounds more like you are using your child to be in each other’s circle. ‘

Porsha Williams shows fans how she pampers herself and people are in awe. Check out the post she shared on her social media account.

“Every Friday should look so good. Remember to pamper YOURSELF today @pamperedbyporsha @pamperedbyporsha,” she wrote in her post.


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